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I'm 21 and I still would have gone for it

21-17 is fine in my book. Hell, 22-17 would be borderline. But 26-17 is outrageous.




Yeah but 26-18 is not outrageous.



Bro when I was 25 I was dating a smoking hot 18 year old who was half Croatian and half Filipino.




No it's definitely outrageous, but obviously acceptable by many. When you're four years removed from college, you shouldn't be dating a girl who is barely (if even) out of high school.


Once you get to 20, age gaps are MUCH more acceptable imo.

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More power to the people it works for. I'm just not a fan of it. Maybe I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth but having sex with an 18 year old and having a relationship are two different things for me. The latter weirds me out.


I and most of us were 18 for most of our senior year in high schools.


A 26 year old could be done with graduate school.



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You rarely see it working the other way around. Not quite sure about the reasoning for that.



Because an 18 year old girl is more mature than an 18 year old guy in most instances, therefore it it makes some sense for them to be dating an older guy.

I don't agree with that at all.


Especially when it comes to sexuality and how a male or female deals with a sexual relationship and what it means for them and their partner. I'd also say emotionally a female can not handle a relationship with an 8 year older man as well as a man could with a woman of the same age difference. That isn't always the rule, but overall I'd find it to be true.

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