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AFC Championship Game

Orlando Rays

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The worse the weather, the more you would expect the game to even out.... but with Brady sometimes I guess you just throw all that stuff out the window.

However, the Chargers haven't played in cold like this. Plus, LT isn't healthy. It's a decent running game that allows teams to take advantage of bad conditions.

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What's the latest status report on LT?

He says he'll be ready. Questionable with a hyperextension of his knee.


As for Rivers, he's questionable too. Sprained MCL.


Listening to the radio, they said it is very doubtful that he will play, and if he does he won't be successful. He has not practiced at all this week. Volek will have to step up big, which I am not sure if he can.

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i really do not like either team and do not know why i'm subjecting myself to this game


however, i'd like to see the patriots lose - however, the chargers keep making it really tough to pull for them


LT gets whooped by the d'bag rodney harrison on a pass rush and then LT pursues him across the field talking junk ....... i don't get it

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Huge pick by the Pats just now, can really change the feeling going into the half.


What a dumb pass there by Rivers

I dont know if I would blame Rivers, but SD should of won this game, every trip into the redzone it ends in a FG instead of a TD. They could be dominating if they got 1 or 2 TD's out of these drives.

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