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Has there ever been a person so bad at everything that has to do with wrestling be so unreasonably pushed? I mean, seriously. Am I wrong?




Yes. John Cena.

John Cena far surpasses Batista both in the ring and on the mic. Its not even close.

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TONIGHT: Raw will feature the alleged farewell of Bret “Hitman� Hart. Far be it for me to believe a pro wrestling angle, but….well, ya know. We’ll likely get at least one more Money-In-The-Bank qualifying match, plus will John Cena react to the beating given to him last week by WWE Champion Batista? And will we see more of Shawn Michaels and Undertaker? As for Legacy, Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase will go one-on-one this evening. Will we find out where Triple H and Sheamus fit in to Wrestlemania? Cheech and Chong are the guest hosts for the show that starts…..now.


-WWE Open.


-Raw Open.


-Raw is LIVE from Oklahoma City, and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler immediately plugged the farewell by Bret Hart (after the shots of the crowd, of course).


-Also tonight: Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton.


-But first, Shawn Michaels’ music hit, and HBK came to the ring. When he got to the ring, they showed clips of him costing Undertaker the title at Elimination Chamber, as well as Taker and Shawn’s confrontation last week. Crowd was solidly behind Shawn, and I think even he was surprised. Shawn said the buzz in the locker room is that he’s crazy for putting his career on the line at ‘Mania against Taker. He said no one believes he can beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. However, he said no one has given Taker a run for his money at the event like he has. HBK said it was a fact that every man, woman and child knows that he’s Mr. Wrestlemania. He said that he believes he can end Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak. But for his peers who don’t believe in him….he called them out to look him in the eye and tell him he can’t win. Triple H’s music played. Oh my.


The Game came to the ring and stood across the ring from Shawn Michaels. Shawn asked that Triple H of all people doesn’t believe in him? Triple H interrupted and said no, he doesn’t think Shawn can beat Taker at ‘Mania…..he KNOWS he can. Aw, I thought for sure they’d go with Triple H doubting Shawn. That would be interesting. Hunter said that he has wrestled anybody’s who’s anyone in this business the last 15 years, and Shawn is the best he’s ever been in the ring with. The truth is, Shawn has no peers in the locker room, and Shawn is in a class by himself, said Triple H, in full ass-kissing mode. Trips said the Road to Wrestlemania always takes them down different paths, but he said with 100% certainty that DX will never die (boo!), but it’ll be a long time before they’re in the ring together again (yay!). He said it would be bad for them to go out on a loss to Miz and Big Show, so he invoked their re-match clause. Tonight. That’s “a long time�? “DX� chant from the sycophant fans. Since titles don’t have to be defended for thirty days, Trips said that the night after Wrestelmania, 28 days from tonight, they’ll throw a DX-style celebration. Hunter said he believed in Shawn and believed that he’d still be around the night after Wrestlemania. He asked Michaels what HE believed. More “HBK� chants. Shawn said he believed they have some tag-team titles to win tonight. Really strong segment, even though again, I think it would’ve been cooler to see Triple H NOT on Shawn’s side.


-Cheech and Chong were backstage, checking out their “office.� The Bella Twins came in and greeted them. All four plugged the tour, and Cheech and Chong both said they’re nothing like the characters they portray. The Bellas took Cheech for a tour of the place and Tommy Chong sat down. He looked up and said he’s watched Raw enough to know that what he was seeing wasn’t a mirage- it was Hornswoggle. Horny came in and gave him a box of Lucky Charms, and told Chong to try some. He did, and the screen went all weird (as if he were on some sort of a “trip�). The picture swirled around the screen and the segment ended that very way.


-Next, DiBiase vs. Orton.


[Commercial Break]


(1) Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase

Orton worked over Teddy in the corner, then clotheslined him down. DiBiase turned the tables and gave some right hands to Orton in the corner. He set him on the top rope, but Orton fought out. Dropkick by DiBiase, then Orton was thrown to ringside. Orton avoided going face-first into the post, and he sent DiBiase into it instead. European uppercut on the outside. DiBiase escaped Orton’s wrath inside the ring and took a break at ringside. They went to commercial about two minutes in.


[Commercial Break]


DiBiase was dominating at this point, and might I add “seething� as well. It’s amazing how much crowd heat these two had in the ring the first time they teased a break-up, like three months ago, and now, no one seems to care about DiBiase. As for Orton, he’s more over as a face now, thanks in part to his feud with Sheamus. I don’t know if that’s what they’re going for, but jeez, talk about dropping the ball. Big boot to the face of the seated Orton for two. Another cover by DiBiase after a clothesline. Only got two, though. The way the match is building, they do seem to be setting Orton up as the face. After a few “boo, yay� punches, Orton got a scoop slam for two. Garvin stomp ensued. High knee-drop, then he began to measure DiBiase for an RKO. As he did so, Cody Rhodes ran down an dgot on the apron. Orton swung at him and missed and DiBiase rolled him up for a near-fall. Orton turned it into a roll-up of his own for a two-count. Rhodes then got involved, causing the referee to call for the bell.


Winner: Orton, via DQ, at 9:03. Solid enough match, but I just don’t get positioning Orton as the face and DiBiase and Rhodes as heels.


After taking a beating, Orton fought off DiBiase and Rhodes. DiBiase saved Rhodes from an Orton DDT.


-Still to come: ShoMiz vs. DX for the Unified Tag Titles.


[Commercial Break]


-A live shot of the parking lot, and a limo was there. Bret Hart, with a crutch and foot in a cast, got out and began walking to the backstage area.


-Chong was backstage, and he was petting Eve’s hair. He talked about a Divas pajama party or something. The music was really “groovy� and the screen was all wavy. Cheech walked in and asked Chong if he’s been eating that cereal…ya know, with sugar in it. He said Chong was diabetic, and assumed he was on a sugar trip. He asked Chong why he was petting William Regal’s hair. The screen went normal and Regal was in Eve’s place. He looked disgusted. Then Chris Masters walked in and Chong called him Kelly Kelly. Masters told Chong, with Kelly’s voice, to stop looking at her (his) chest. Then he walked out. Hornswoggle came in and tried to get Cheech to try some of the cereal. That was kinda funny.


-A video package of the Cena/Hart vs. McMahon/Batista feud aired.


-Cena….Batista….confrontation? That’s what the graphic hinted at, anyway.


[Commercial Break]


(2) Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella – Money-In-The-Bank Qualifying Match

Cole gave some background about Swagger costing Marella a shot at the Rumble match. Yay for mentioning history between the two. Marella did his split to avoid a clothesline, but Swagger connected on his gutwrench powerbomb and ended things early.


Winner: Swagger, at :28. Decisive win for Swagger, as it should’ve been.


-Batista walked out of his locker room and was surrounded by security. He was heading to the ring for a possible confrontation with John Cena, next.


[Commercial Break]


- John Cena made his entrance into the arena. Cena noted that at Elimination Chamber, Batista screwed him out of the title. But he’s had time to think about it, and in the end, it was about business. A business decision between Vince and Batista. Cena said he’s never had a problem with Dave during their run in WWE, and even considered him a friend. But now, Batista apparently has a problem with him. The silver lining, he said, is that he’s going to Wrestlemania. He said he may need to pay Batista back, and that it should be done right now. Cena wasn’t really selling any of the injuries he sustained last week on Raw. Batista’s music blared over the speakers and he walked out, after a bevy of security.


He walked out in jeans, sunglasses and a black leather vest. Cena said he couldn’t believe that The Animal is now rolling with security. Batista said they’re here to protect Cena, not him. Batista said he should thank him for that and Cena suggested he come to the ring so he could thank him personally. He called Batista “a six-foot-six, 300 pound pansy.� Batista seemed bemused by that comment. He explained why he did what he did last week: Because he wants to face Cena at ‘Mania. Batista said his and Cena’s rise to the top of WWE were practically identical, even though the two of them couldn’t be any more different. He said they are the two biggest stars since the Attitude Era. They both won titles at Wrestlemania 21 and never looked back. He was angered that WWE has decided to label Cena as “the man,� the name and face of the company. He was pissed that the torch was passed from Steve Austin to him. First name drop for Austin, who will guest host in the next few weeks. Crowd interrupted Batista with “Cena� chants. He said he wanted a match with Cena to prove to everyone that he’s that much better than Cena. The other reason: He just can’t stand Cena.


Cena told Batista to focus up, because he wants to be WWE Champion, and he’ll do just that at Wrestlemania. Cena said he’s the man because he’s the first one to show up and the last one to leave, a guy who’s given his life to the business, while Batista expects the business to give back to HIM. He called Batista selfish. Batista said he’s here to make money, and doesn’t care what the fans think about him. He told Cena to keep kissing babies and hugging fat girls, while he’ll be in the gym training to beat Cena at ‘Mania. He reminded Cena that it wasn’t too long ago that he broke Cena’s neck. Cena got upset and asked if Batista wanted to know what he though; Batista said what he thinks is irrelevant. Batista told him to lay on the fans one of his fancy catchphrases, or inspiring words, since the entire WWE Universe wants to hear what he has to say. Batista said Cena can’t beat him, and deep down, even John knows it. He dropped the mic and held the belt over his head. Great promo exchange: The lines in the sand are clearly drawn after this one.


-Tonight, the farewell to (and from) Bret Hart.


-Also, DX challenges ShoMiz for the Unified Tag Titles.


[Commercial Break]


-Cole plugged the MITB trivia game on WWE.com.


-Backstage, Hornswoggle, Cheech & Chong were there with Chavo Guerrero, who had a fake mustache and a sombrero on. To the left of Chong was Primo and Carlito, with mustaches and red stocking caps like Cheech had on. Primo said they hate each other….and they’re Puerto Rican. Katie Lea was to the right of Chavo, also with a mustache, and she told them she was British. Yoshi was there with a mustache too. Cheech was about to give away the ending to “Lost,� (he plays Hurley’s dad) when Santino (apparently as a rooster) came in, and said the Divas pajama pillow-fight would be up soon.


(3) Zach Ryder vs. MVP- Money-In-The-Bank Qualifying Match

Overhead throw by MVP, followed by a face-buster. Rosa was at ringside with Ryder. “Ballin’!� elbowdrop early on, but Rosa tried to get in the ring. MVP hit the Playmaker for the win.


Winner: MVP, at :44. A squash, nothing more. And I thought they made Ryder look pretty good on Superstars this past week.


-Gail Kim, Eve and Kelly Kelly were backstage in their pajamas and with their pillows…the pajama pillow-fight is next.


[Commercial Break]


-Justin Roberts introduced Cheech and Chong to a crowd who probably had no idea who they were. They came out to “Low Rider.� “Welcome to Monday Night Raw!� screamed Chong. Cheech reminded him that the show has been on for an hour-and-a-half. Cheech said they were out to introduce the participants of the Divas Pajama Pillow Fight. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Eve Torres came out first.


(4) Kelly Kelly vs. Gail Kim vs. Eve Torres vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox vs. Jillian Hall – Divas Pajama Pillow-Fight


Not sure what the rules are here, but all the Divas were ganging up on Maryse. I guess it isn’t a tag match? Jillian took out everyone, then screamed, and Kelly shut her up with a pillow to the mouth. Legdrop by Kelly for two. Maryse DDT’d Kelly for two, but Kim and Eve pounded her with the feathers. Neck-breaker by Gail, but Eve interrupted a pin. Alicia with a clothesline on both women. Kim landed her finisher on Alicia as the guest hosts watched from leather chairs at ringside. Gail was sent to the outside by Eve. Somersault legdrop by Eve on Alicia for the win.


Winner: Eve, at 1:58. Cole: “What an awesome match!�


Hornswoggle came out and gave a few boxes of cereal to the guys, and they threw the contents into the crowd in apparent jubilation. Lawler tried to eat some, but Lawler stopped him, as they still have a main event to call. “Vintage Hornswoggle!� shouted Cole.


- The latest inductee into the Class of 2010: Maurice “Mad Dog� Vachon. He’ll be inducted by WWE Hall-of-Famer Pat Patterson. I guessed Luna.


-The Farewell from Bret Hart is next.


[Commercial Break]


-Cole and Lawler talked about NXT, then they segued into hyping the Wrestlemania card.


-Justin Roberts was about to introduce Bret Hart when Vince McMahon’s music began to play, and the Chairman walked out. McMahon said he wanted the honor of introducing Hart tonight. McMahon said he is the Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be, the Excellence of Execution, and someone Vince has the utmost respect for, Bret Hart. That’s not what he said a few weeks ago. Anyway, Bret limped out with his crutch, but didn’t seem to be using it much. As he came down, a video of Bret and Vince’s feud aired, focusing on the accident. Vince asked Bret to clear his name in terms of having anything to do with the accident a few weeks ago. Bret said he doesn’t know if that’s true or not, but since he returned to WWE, Vince has treated him like a piece of garbage. If Vince is true to his word about letting him have his final farewell, he suggested Vince get the hell out of the ring.


“I’m sorry you feel that way,� said Vince. McMahon said one more thing: Bret has called him a World Champion liar, and if you’re going to be a liar, why not be a World Champion. McMahon said he lied when he said Bret would be here to give his final farewell. Vince said he screwed Bret again, and it feels good. Vince then remembered that Bret challenged him to a match at Wrestlemania. Wow, this is 100% crazy Vince here. Hart said he’s currently incapacitated. McMahon said Bret was right, but he didn’t seem to notice. Vince said that even a dried-up fossil like Bret can heal up in six weeks. He said Bret didn’t come back to WWE to make things right, but to fight Vince. At this point, the camera focused on Bret’s sunglasses, where you could see the reflection of the hunched-over, evil Vince cutting his promo. Pretty sweet. Bret admitted he wanted to fight Vince. Vince then egged Bret on to fight him at ‘Mania. He reminded Bret that he’s the guy who screwed him and sent him to WCW. He also lied to Bret when he said he’d put Bret’s dad in the Hall-of-Fame. He was trying to give Bret motivation for fighting him at ‘Mania. He implored Bret to do it for his fans all over the world. He said Bret may not be 100%, but he’s a Canadian Hero! He told Bret not to let the people down. He polled the audience, and they wanted Bret vs. Vine at ‘Mania.


Bret said McMahon was trying to goad him into a match, but he can’t wrestle. “I’ve got a broken leg, idiot.� Vince approached Bret and said he hates to hear those words. McMahon stuck his finger in Bret’s chest and accused him of having no heart. McMahon said Bret has let his fans down, let him down and everyone else down. “You’re a coward!� said Vince. He then kicked Bret’s crutch away from him, and Bret crumpled to the ground. McMahon strutted around the ring with a limp. Vince left the ring and Bret picked up the microphone. Bret then agreed to the Wrestlemania match, which put a big smile on Vince’s face. Bret’s music played, but when Vince got to the top of the ramp, he told Bret that he’s 100%, unlike Bret, and to prove it, he’d have a match next week against perhaps Bret’s biggest fan: John Cena. Really good segment. Does Bret reveal his leg is OK at a contract signing, or do they wait ‘til ‘Mania?


-ShoMiz were walking backstage. The main event is next.



[Commercial Break]


-The Mindfreak himself, Criss Angel, will be the guest host next week.


-Also next week, Randy Orton faces Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, 2-on-1.


-And, Mr. McMahon has challenged John Cena to a match for next week as well.


-Both teams in the main event made their entrance for the match, which begins after break.


[Commercial Break]


(5) DeGeneration X vs. The Big Show & The Miz- Unified Tag Team Championship Match

Show and Miz kept Michaels grounded as the match began as soon as Raw returned from commercial. Lots of quick tags by the heels, and Big Show got in one of his big punches. Show even taunted Michaels. Bear-hug applied. Show grabbed Michaels by the throat, but HBK jumped away and tagged in Hunter. Face-buster on the knee by The Game, then a spinebuster, visibly aided by Show. Miz interfered before Hunter could hit a Pedigree. Chokeslam for Trips by Show, but HBK gave him a superkick. Crowd was hot for this. Triple H couldn’t make the pin though, as he was still out from the chokeslam. It took ‘til the count of nine for both men to reach their feet. They both made tags and HBK was a house afire, hitting all of his vintage offense. Elbowdrop off the top wet up for the superkick. But Taker’s face appeared on the Titan-Tron as Shawn was tuning up the band. He just stared and rolled his eyes back into his head. Shawn turned around and attempted a superkick, but Miz grabbed his leg and turned it into a jackknife cover for the win (and a quick three-count?).


Winners: ShoMiz, at 4:20. An appropriate match time for the guest hosts, I suppose.


Hunter tried to console Shawn after the match, but HBK told him not to touch him. Shawn stormed out of the ringside area. After he left, Sheamus came out of the crowd and attacked Triple H. He clotheslined Trips to the outside and worked him over in front of the announce table. “Sheamus sucks� chants, so he’s got the heel heat. He waited ‘til Triple H got to his feet, then bicycle kicked him onto (and over) the announce table. Sheamus stood on said table in triumph. Then, his music played. That’s awfully nice of the sound guys. They replayed portions of his attack, then went back to him standing, arms raised, on the table for the final image of the show.

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TONIGHT: Impact is advertising a hot start? Raw will counter with Undertaker. Impact has Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair’s return to the ring? Raw has John Cena vs. Vince McMahon. Impact has Daffney? Raw has Criss Angel as guest host. OK, that might’ve been a stretch. But the road to Wrestlemania continues tonight, regardless of what’s being offered on Spike TV. Also tonight, in a 2-on-1 match, Randy Orton faces the other members of Legacy. Expect another H.O.F announcement, as well as perhaps the final MITB qualifier.


-WWE Open.


-Right to the arena they went, for the toll of the Undertaker’s bell. His full entrance took place, as thousands of people probably turned to TNA’s show, as who can sit through another Taker entrance? Crowd popped after the music died down and Taker was alone in the ring. He got on the microphone and said that as of late, Shawn Michaels’ life has a dark cloud hovering above him. In the span of one sentence, the crowd has chanted for both Undertaker and HBK separately. Taker said that after Wrestlemania, there will be no tomorrows, no celebrations, nor sense of triumph. He said only the dark cloud will be left, and for the rest of his life. Fans booed this. He said it brings him no joy to say this, but in three weeks, Shawn’s career will rest in….then HBK’s music came on.


Shawn came to the ring and had a mic of his own. Michaels told Taker, “not tonight.� He said Taker hasn’t earned the right to finish that line yet. HBK said his loss has been hanging over his head for the last year, and last week, he went to bed angry. But in the morning, he looked around, and the cloud was gone. Apparently, he had an epiphany. Shawn said he cost Taker the title in the Chamber because he had no choice; but Taker interfered in his match last week, but he didn’t have to. Then it occurred to Shawn: For the first time ever, in Undertaker’s heart, fear exists. Boos for that too. This crowd is hard to figure out! Taker warned Shawn to choose his next words very carefully. “Fear!� shouted Michaels. Michaels said he wouldn’t have put his career on the line if he didn’t think he could beat Undertaker. “Nothing lasts forever...nothing!� said Michaels. He said he’ prove it at Wrestlemania. Taker said he can’t tell if he’s looking at someone who is confident, or if really, Michaels is full of desperation. Shawn said he wasn’t desperate- maybe last year he was, but not this year. Michaels, in fact, went so far as to propose a no count-out, no-DQ match for ‘Mania. He promised to kick Taker’s teeth down his throat.


“So it shall be, Shawn,� said Taker. He then said he could look in Shawn’s eyes and see the fire and passion. He said he could see that Shawn thinks he can honestly beat him at Wrestlemania. Taker said that must be what makes Shawn the showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania. Raising his voice, Taker said, “no! Not this year!� He said Michaels may be the greatest to step foot in the ring, but on March 28th, Taker will “open the gates of Hell and unleash a fury that no mortal man has ever seen.� He wanted to make sure Shawn’s career is over at that point. “You keep telling yourself that, Undertaker,� replied Shawn. Shawn said the dark cloud would come back after ‘Mania, but it’d be hanging over Undertaker. He said the dark cloud would contain an image that would haunt Taker for life: That image being Shawn ending Taker’s undefeated streak. They played Shawn’s music as he exited the ring. Real good segment there. Both played their parts near perfectly.


-They showed the skyline of Portland, Oregon, where Raw was being held tonight.


-Also tonight, Randy Orton faces Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in a 2-on-1 handicap match.


-Then, Vince McMahon will face John Cena in a warm-up match for Bret Hart at ‘Mania.


[Commercial Break]


(1) Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim & Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox & Katie Lea Burchill & Maryse

The heels were already in the ring. Kim and Fox began the match. Fox fought out of a side-headlock, then the fight went to ringside. Back in the ring, the two traded offense until Katie Lea Burchill distracted Kim, allowing Fox to land a big boot. Tag in to the Divas Champion, Maryse. Back-breaker by Maryse for two. Trash talking from Maryse, but Kim slapped her and tagged Eve. Big dropkick that Maryse sold like she was shot out of cannon. Thrust to the throat by Maryse, but Eve came back and somersaulted onto Maryse for two, broken up by the heels. They were taken out by the faces. Maryse ran into a back-elbow and Eve went to the top. Maryse kindly set herself up in position for Eve’s rolling arm-bar, causing Maryse to submit.


Winners: Kelly, Kim and Eve, at 3:02. The action was awful for the most part. None of the offense or selling looked good. Looks like Eve will be the next challenger for Maryse.


-Hornswoggle was backstage grunting at Criss Angel. The Bellas walked in, and surprise, they were big fans of Angel. They requested to be his guest assistants, but he said he doesn’t use twins. Angel pulled a thread from one of the Bellas’ outfits, put it in his mouth and pulled it through his eye. Disgusting. Hornswoggle provided the drums for the big ending of him pulling the entire thing out. Jillian Hall then walked in and said if anyone is going to be Angel’s assistant, it’s going to be here. She began to sing, as if that has anything to do with magic. Angel requested she stop, and then put some sort of spell on her so she couldn’t speak.


-ShoMiz was walking backstage. They’ll face R-Truth and John Morrison in a Wrestlemania preview match next. This makes no sense on a few levels.


[Commercial Break]


-The Miz and Big Show came out for their match. The Miz had a mic. He said that last week on Smackdown, John Morrison and R-Truth earned the right to face them for the Unified Tag Titles at Wrestlemania. But Miz disagreed that the duo earned the right. Not since the British Bulldog and Lex Luger joined force to team up at Wrestlemania 11 has a tag team bored people so much in a ‘Mania title match. Miz said he’d rather face the Bushwhackers- at least they’re a tag team. He said shame on the WWE locker room for having no one better for them to face at Wrestlemania. Miz said they’re the last truly great tag team in WWE.


(2) The Miz & Big Show vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

Truth started with Miz, but Morrison immediately took out the Big Show on the apron. Miz was clotheslined over the top by the duo, and they did a stereo baseball slide on him. The babyfaces went to the outside to continue the punishment when the ref called for the bell.


Winners: No Contest, at :37. Well, it was smart not to give away the match.


Morrison and Truth did a double-DDT on Big Show on the outside, and they landed a front suplex onto Miz, sending him chest-first into the barricade. Morrison got the mic and questioned Miz’s assertion that they’re not a real tag team or that they don’t have any credibility. Morrison said they just showed how real they can get.


-Another plug for the handicap match aired.


-Speaking of plugs, Mr. McMahon faces John Cena. We’ll hear from Cena next.


[Commercial Break]


-They showed a graphic of Batista vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania. Then, a video package followed.


-Josh Mathews was standing by with John Cena backstage. Mathews reminded Cena that for the first time last week, he was left speechless. Cena said that was because Batista was right- he can’t beat him. He left him for dead and apparently has his number. The only thing Cena can do….is go out there and beat him. Mathews asked him about Batista getting involved in the match with McMahon. Cena said he’s counting on it.


-Evan Bourne was backstage with Criss Angel. He thanked Angel for letting him fight William Regal for a shot at the MITB ladder match. Skip Sheffield walked in and said hello to Bourne, but Regal walked in and told Bourne he’s see him in the ring. Sheffield asked Angel to do a trick for him. Regal made fun of Sheffield, but Angel obliged. Regal wrote down a number and Angel correctly guessed it as 56 by reading Regal’s mind. Sheffield said he knew Angel could do it, and that Regal owes him a Travis Tritt CD. Well, that’s Country music, but, like, mid-to-early 90s.


-Lawler and Cole talked over clips of Legacy costing Orton the Elimination Chamber match last month.


-As DiBiase and Rhodes made their way to the ring for the match, Randy Orton attacked them from behind. The attack didn’t last long, and now, the match will begin after break.


[Commercial Break]


(3) Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton – Handicap Match

Match had begun during the break. Orton went to work against Rhodes, who, after a back-elbow, made the tag to DiBiase. Orton took down Teddy too, who cowered in his corner like Rhodes before him, and made the tag. The heels finally started double-teaming to get the advantage. That is, until Rhodes was back-dropped over the top rope. DiBiase went to attack, but Orton saw it coming, and DiBiase backed away. They went to break after over three minutes of action.


[Commercial Break]


Back with Orton fighting out of the heel corner, knocking DiBiase off the apron and holding Rhodes at bay. The numbers game proved to much in the short-term, as DiBiase dropkicked Orton on the floor. Rhodes sent Orton’s face into the steel steps. Crowd chanted “Randy, Randy.� Clothesline by DiBiase for two-and-a-half, causing DiBiase to argue with referee Chad Patton. The heels had an extended run on offense at this point. Orton made his comeback with a couple of scoop slams. Orton’s IED began to kick in, as he pounded away on DiBiase in the corner. DiBiase awkwardly ran into a back-breaker. Orton pounded the mat for an RKO, but Rhodes grabbed him. DiBiase, from behind, landed Dream Street for the win.


Winners: DiBiase & Rhodes, at about 11:00. Good win for the youngsters.


The winners weren’t done, as Rhodes connected on Cross-Rhodes and DiBiase did some trash talking. They both posed like Orton. A replay of some match highlights were shown.


-Batista was backstage watching the monitor and shaking his head. Josh Mathews walked in and he asked Dave his thoughts on Cena counting on Batista getting involved in his match with Mr. McMahon tonight. Batista said Cena is paranoid and tonight’s situation has nothing to do with him, only Cena and Vince. He gave his word, as WWE Champion, that he wouldn’t get involved. Batista told Josh to tell Cena good luck and that he’s pulling for him. He said Cena needs a confidence booster.


-Later tonight, Mr. McMahon squares off with John Cena.


-Triple H was walking backstage. He was angry, and he’s up next.


[Commercial Break- including an advertisement for a Stone Cold Raw, Steve Austin as guest host next week.]


-Cole talked about WWE.com’s Defining Divas. I think that was a past Diva Search theme they used over it too.


-Triple H came out. Once he got to the ring, they showed what happened last week when Sheamus attacked him as Raw went off the air. Triple H began by saying he kinda respected what Sheamus did last week. He said he could understand because Trips basically cost Sheamus his title and basically humiliated him (his words). Then Sheamus’ music interrupted and the Irishman walked out. Sheamus said he wanted to make a statement against Triple H at Wrestlemania. He asked The Game if he had the guts to accept. Trips said Sheamus had a great first year in WWE, but he’s never been to the big dance, Wrestlemania. Hunter said that until you make a name for yourself at Wrestlemania, all the other accomplishments mean absolutely nothing. Triple H said he understands where Sheamus is coming from, because he was an up-and-comer just like him, undefeated and everything. But he was squashed at Wrestlemania and sent into oblivion. No mention of the Warrior. But he worked hard and made his way back to the top. He said those who beat him at ‘Mania have seen their careers take off like nobody’s business. He name-dropped Cena and Batista. He said the ones he beat have gone on to be nothing but foot-notes in WWE history. Triple H said that was quite the risk- become immortal, or become nothing. Trips told Sheamus he better be sure before he takes the gamble.


Sheamus had a look of contemplation on his face. He backed away and tried a right hand, but Trips fought back with rights of his own. He clotheslined Sheamus over the top rope, but Sheamus pulled Hunter out. The two of them went tumbling over the barricade and into the timekeeper’s station. Sheamus came out first, but Triple H jumped him and the brawl continued. Sheamus threw Triple H into the ring, but walked into a spinebuster. Sheamus escaped to live to fight another day. Triple H’s music played to end the segment. Why is this Sheamus’ only shot to be immortal exactly, Cole?


-Santino Marella introduced himself to Criss Angel and said he is Italian and there are many famous Italian magicians, like Ralph Macchio and Harry Houdini. Angel corrected him and said Houdini was from Budapest. Criss then did a trick with Marella and cups. Apparently, it was muscle reading that Angel was doing, as he had Marella put his hand on his shoulder. He smashed each cup until there was one left- the one Santino put a knife under. Wasn’t as good as the other Angel segments tonight.


[Commercial Break]


-Christian and Heath Slater were at ringside for the MITB match, with Christian on commentary.


(4) Evan Bourne vs. William Regal- Money-In-The-Bank Qualifying Match

Skip Sheffield accompanied Regal to the ring. Regal used his knees but Bourne came back with kicks. Left hand by Regal caused Bourne to take a seat. Running back elbow, then a chicken-wing suplex for two. Overhead throw by Regal, who then consulted (or yelled at) Sheffield. He went for a running knee, but Bourne kneed Regal in the face instead. Air Bourne followed for the win.


Winner: Bourne, at 1:28. Another too-short MITB qualifying match. Now we can look forward to two weeks of eight-man tag matches with these guys leading up to ‘Mania.


-Still to come, Mr. McMahon goes on-on-one with John Cena.


[Commercial Break]


-The first Wrestlemania Recall of the year was from 2004- Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg with Steve Austin as guest referee. Interesting choice.


-They advertised Steve Austin as guest host next week.


-The announcers ran down the Wrestlemania card.


-They showed a video of Bret and Vince’s interaction last week.


-A buffed-up Mr. McMahon was walking backstage. The match is next.



[Commercial Break]

-Next week will be Wrestlemania Rewind night; matches from Wrestlemanias past, including Big Show vs. John Cena, Triple H vs. Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho. Also next week, the contract signing between Bret and Vince, officiated by Steve Austin.


-The special guest ring announcer was brought out: Criss Angel. He got some nice fireworks. Angel said he was honored to be live on Monday Night Raw. He said he was here to present the main event. He introduced John Cena first. He announced Mr. McMahon as the Chairman of the Board.


McMahon got the mic once they were in the ring, and told Bret to make sure to watch the match. No disrespect to Criss Angel, he said, the result of this match won’t be an illusion. He said Cena would be defeated, one, two, three. Vince then said the match has changed a bit…to a handicap gauntlet match. His first opponent: Vladimir Kozlov.


(5) John Cena vs. Mr. McMahon- Handicap Gauntlet Match

Kozlov with a spinebuster, then a few headbutts. Another spintebuster, as McMahon cheered him on. McMahon tagged his way in and made the cover, but only got two. He called the next person out, and it was Drew McIntyre. Not sure why Kozlov left. McIntyre laid in the punches, and booted Cena in the face. Downward Spiral (somebody else now?) but McMahon tagged in and couldn’t get the pin. Next one was Jack Swagger, who looked like an idiot running down there. Swagger hit the ring and they went to break. Not sure I get the rules on this- the gauntlet guy is out once he tags Vince maybe?


[Commercial Break]


Cena was about to hit Swagger with the five-knuckle shuffle. Swagger came back with a running powerslam. McMahon asked for the tag, and Swagger told him one more. Vader Bomb found the mark, but Swagger again wanted one more. And he landed it. McMahon tagged in this time, but didn’t learn anything from the previous times, as he did some taunting before going for the pin, and only got two. Another attempt, another two. McMahon stomped his foot in anger, then called out Mark Henry. Henry was not happy about having to beat up Cena. McMahon was trash talking him from ringside. World’s Strongest Slam by Henry and McMahon begged for a tag. He made it and McMahon covered Cena for two. Henry stayed on the apron and the Boss went to ringside. I think he’s going to get a gun to try to shoot Cena. But knowing Cena, the bullets would just bounce off of him. McMahon got a mic and said this was now a no-DQ handicap gauntlet match. McMahon had the ring bell in the ring as Henry tried to reason with Vince. McMahon made Henry use the bell. Henry tossed it to ringside and Batista ran in to spear Henry. It was odd, because Cole was shouting, “Oh my God� before we could even see Batista coming. Batista tossed Henry out of the ring, but Kofi Kingston came down and attacked Batista. However, Batista powerbombed him out of the corner hard. Cena got to his feet and fired back on Batista. McMahon had the ring bell, but was trying to hide it from Cena. Finally, he just threw it to ringside. He got Vince up for the Attitude Adjustment, but dropped him as Batista speared him. Batista Bomb for Cena, and a pin by McMahon. Oh wait, there’s no bell to ring!


Winner: McMahon, at 11:18. A weak main event for a good show.


Batista stood over Cena and the lights dimmed. He played to the crowd and held his hands high, letting out a primal scream in the process as the show closed.

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I told myself I didn't care enough about TNA to DVR it, but I channel changed during Raw adverts to see them talk about Sting's heel turn. I was intrigued enough when Dixie announced Sting vs. a mystery opponent. I knew it was going to be RVD so I then DVRed the rest of the episode.


I'm liking the heel Sting so far.


The main event was just... horrible. I wasn't expecting much, but still... they could do better then put Hogan and Flair in a ring again for the 900th time.


Good to see Jeff Hardy back in a wrestling ring.


Damn Spike for cutting the feed a bit too early.


Raw was solid enough and the better show in my personal opinion.

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Positives for TNA:


- It looks like Hogan knows he can't ever wrestle again.


- Flair. He may not be 30 years old anymore but he's still the best talker TNA has, and he actually didn't look that bad in the ring tonight.


- The Pope. He didn't really have much involvement tonight but I just love everything he does and says.


- The X-Division. They know they should be focusing on this as a big point of the company, and they're doing it well so far.


- Knockouts. Far superior to the WWE Divas in every way.


Negatives for TNA:


- RVD's burial. I know why it was done, to get Sting over as a heel, but not a good idea to do it on his debut. He's over enough that it won't hurt him that much but still I would've done it differently.


- Sting's heel turn. Only because it hasn't worked in the past. If they can get him over as a heel then it does have potential, but for now, I'm not liking it.


- Get rid of Nash, Waltman, Hall, Jarrett. Focus more on guys like Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Hernandez, Motor City Machineguns, etc who were nowhere to be seen on this broadcast.


- Not as much wrestling as there should be, considering the talent level of the roster they have.



They really need better writers to come up with storylines that make sense and less campy segments and instead showcase more wrestling from their talented guys. If they do that then they have a chance to be a great wrestling company.

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I wouldnt say RVD got buried. He came out and beat Sting in 30 seconds and then was taken down with a weapon. I think it worked well for both. RVD comes in like a house of fire and beats Sting and then Sting gets to sell the heel angle.



TNA needs to keep Hogan, Foley, the Nasty Boys and Scott Hall out of the ring. Flair actually didnt look so bad.



I loved having an option during the commercial breaks. I hope TNA gets a decent rating.

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I wouldnt say RVD got buried. He came out and beat Sting in 30 seconds and then was taken down with a weapon. I think it worked well for both. RVD comes in like a house of fire and beats Sting and then Sting gets to sell the heel angle.




Chris Jericho disagrees. From his Twitter page:


"The beat down of RVD 20 seconds into his debut in TNA was mind boggling. I dont understand how so many talented people can be so clueless"

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TONIGHT: Two weeks out from Wrestlemania, and Steve Austin is your guest host tonight. It’s also Wrestlemania Rewind night, featuring the following matches: Big Show vs. John Cena, Triple H vs. Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho. We’ll get the Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon contract signing, with Austin officiating. One or two more H.O.F inductees will be announced. And more build for the ‘Mania matches, including perhaps working toward yet-unnamed matches with the Divas and Legacy.


-WWE Open.


-They showed clips of last week’s main event, where John Cena had to fight off McMahon’s henchmen before being beaten up by Batista, his opponent at Wrestlemania.


-Raw Open.


-Fireworks kicked off the show, followed by the requisite panning of the San Diego crowd. Cole called tonight a “vintage� Monday Night Raw, which is actually true because of the Wrestlemania Rewind lineup. The announcers hyped two of the announced matches.


-The familiar glass breaking led to Stone Cold Steve Austin coming out in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He looks really fit. Does he drink juice boxes instead of beers, since Raw is now PG? I guess it’s smart to open Raw with Austin against Impact. Crowd was super hot and chanted his name after the music died down. It took one line for the fans to start chanting “what.� Austin noted that he must be out of shape, because walking down the aisle made him thirsty. He called for some beers. Already, he’s said “damn� and “ass.� He polled the crowd for some hell yeahs asking if they were ready for Raw and Wrestlemania. For the most part, Austin is changing up his cadence to avoid the “what� chants. He reminisced about passing out in his match against Bret Hart many moons ago at Wrestlemania. Austin said he has never really seen eye-to-eye with Vince, but in matches with him, McMahon didn’t bring scientific wrestling skills, but he was a mean and nasty individual. Austin said the contract signing for Bret vs. Vince will be tonight, to make sure the match goes into Wrestlemania without a hitch. Ah, they tried to bleep ass (or at least the “hole� following it) at the end of Austin’s spiel. John Cena’s music hit and he came out when Austin seemed about finished.9:12:24


Austin looked to size Cena up for a stunner after Cena did his running of the ropes in the ring, but instead gave him the “you can’t see me� and left. His music started playing and he was about to start up the ramp when Big Show’s music played and he came out. He and Austin traded icy stares as they passed each other. Oh, the first match is taking place now!


(1) John Cena vs. The Big Show

Show got Cena up and gave him that reverse powerbomb where he picks the guy up in a powerbomb, then throws him over his head. After that, they went to break.


[Commercial Break]


Show was sitting on Cena’s back, wearing him down with a rear chin-lock. Cena escaped and tried an STF, but Show threw Cena out of the ring. Crowd attempted to get behind Cena, but Show whipped him into the corner, sending Cena falling to the mat. He went for a Vader bomb, but of course missed it. Cena got his athletic shoes up on a Show charge and then hit the Sicilian slice off the top. All of a sudden he was exploding with energy. Cena did the “you can’t see me� routine, but Batista’s music hit and the WWE Champion walked out. Cole mentioned that Batista faces Kofi Kingston later tonight. Fist-drop connected by Cena, but Show got back on his feet. Cena walked into a chokeslam, but Cena kicked out at two. BIG SHOW ANGRY! Show set up for his knockout punch, but he missed and Cena got him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Batista hopped up on the apron, providing the distraction necessary for Show to wiggle free and connect with a right hand to the face. That earned him the win.


Winner: Show, at 7:35.


They replayed the finish of the match. Batista seemed satisfied with his handiwork.


[Commercial Break]


-Lawler thanked Kevin Rudolf for “I Made It,� one of the official Wrestlemania theme songs.


(2) Evan Bourne vs. Sheamus

Bourne was already in the ring. Seriously, I get that Sheamus needs a big win heading into ‘Mania against Triple H, but does he have to squash the guy that is in the MITB match? Sheamus got the mic prior to the match, but just used it to cheap-shot Bourne. Pump kick followed that up, then his Border Toss crucifix slam.


Winner: No Match: OK, this I can deal with a little better.


Sheamus got the mic again and was getting some good heat. He said that growing up, he was always fascinated by the WWE Superstars. There was one man, though, so selfish, a man who would sell his grandmother down the river and use a sledgehammer to get to the top. He forgot “marrying the boss’s daughter.� Sheamus said The Game beat greats like Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. But in one year, he said, he himself became champion, ended careers, and dominated Raw (and ECW!!). At Wrestlemania, he was supposed to defend his WWE Championship, but he said Hunter ruined it. But then he thanked him for it, saying Trips was the man he wanted to face at Wrestlemania when he came to Raw. He said he’d beat Hunter so badly, he’ll never be the same again. Then they replayed Sheamus’ attack on Little Evan Bourne.


-Steve Austin was in his office watching what was transpiring in the ring. Shawn Michaels walked in and said he just needed to know if Austin thought he could beat the Undertaker. Austin said he can, but doesn’t think he’s going to. Austin said it’s his opinion that Taker will go 18-0. Shawn said he knew he could count on an honest answer from Austin. But after Wrestlemania 14, everyone thought his career was over. He proved them wrong, and he’ll prove them wrong again at ‘Mania this year. Shawn talked about proving it to Jericho tonight when the World Champion walked in to interrupt. He thanked Austin for giving him a match against HBK and providing him one more opportunity to embarrass Michaels again before Taker retires him. Michaels said Taker sent him a message on Smackdown by destroying four guys. So he’s going to send Taker a message tonight…by destroying Jericho. Then he walked away. Jericho and Austin chatted about Michaels going crazy and Jericho playfully tried to get out of his match with Michaels. It didn’t work. Austin told him to get out of his office and go compete.


[Commercial Break]


(2) Kelly Kelly vs. Maryse

Both girls did their taunts for the crowd, and when Kelly went to the second rope, Maryse went on the offensive. They started brawling and Kelly did her flip and then a pretty bad dropkick. Another brawl (see: rolling around) with Kelly coming out on top. Kelly got a near-fall on a fameasser-type move. But soon after, Kelly was caught and given the DDT, followed by the World’s Hottest Pin for the win.


Winner: Maryse, at 1:22. They got their spots in, which seemed to be the only point.


Maryse continued the attack post-match, taking Kelly out of the ring and throwing her into the barricade. Back in the ring, Gail Kim and Eve Torres came out to make the save. Neckbreaker by Kim, but Layla and Michelle McCool then ran out and attacked the two faces. Layla threw Eve out of the ring with some trouble, then McCool and Layla double-teamed Kim. Running knee in the corner showed a lot of light for Michelle, but Kim sold it anyway. Eve took out Layla, but Layla grabbed her ankle and took her down on one knee as McCool was going to kick Eve in the head. McCool had to re-load, and connected with a nice shot. Messy segment, but it looks like it’ll lead to a match at ‘Mania. And what happened to LayCool being upset with Maryse for trash-talking their feud with Mickie? Anyway, Vickie Guerrero was on the top of the ramp and the three heels (LayCool and Maryse) stood tall there to end the segment.


-The contract signing was plugged.


-Also advertised was HBK vs. Jericho, which is next.


[Commercial Break]


- A video package on Undertaker vs. HBK aired. It had the Johnny Cash song, with comments spliced in from WWE Superstars.


-Both Michaels and Jericho came out for their match, which is next.


[Commercial Break]


(3) Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

It was all Michaels to start. However, Michaels missed a corner charge and went shoulder-first into the steel post. Jericho put his head down too early and Michaels kneed him in the face, then gave him the Thesz Press. Jericho managed to take back over on offense and do some taunting to boot. Hard whip into the buckle caused Michaels to collapse in the corner. Jericho slapped around Michaels telling him he was “nothing.� Crowd got into it as Jericho applied a rear chin-lock. HBK made his trademark comeback at the top of the hour. Small package for Shawn got two. Face-plant by Jericho slowed things down a bit. Lionsault countered by Michaels getting his knees up. Michaels traversed to the top rope for an elbowdrop and it found the mark. The Band (not Hall and Syxx-Pac) warmed up, but Jericho fled the ring. He decided getting counted-out was the safest bet.


Winner: Michaels, via count-out, at 6:23. Fine, formula match.


As soon as the bell rang to end the match, Edge’s music hit. He brawled with Jericho through the crowd, then put him into the ring. Edge speared him, then went to ringside and got the mic. “Spear, spear, spear!� Replay, replay, replay!


-Coming up later, Triple H faces Randy Orton in a Wrestlemania Rewind match.


-They reminded viewers once again of the contract signing.


[Commercial Break]


- Lawler and Cole segued from a clip of Steve Austin’s new movie “Damage,� to discussing the break-up of Legacy. They showed what happened last Monday night between the three men.


-It was officially announced that at Wrestlemania, it would be a Triple-Threat match featuring Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase.


-Orton was interviewed backstage by Josh Mathews. He asked if the match at ‘Mania would affect his focus against Triple H tonight. Orton said if anything, he’s more focused, because he hates Triple H. He respects him and takes him seriously. He doesn’t do either of those for DiBiase and Rhodes. He said those two haven’t existed without him. See now, if they had built this correctly, Orton could get a big win at Wrestlemania against basically two heels on the same page. But the way Rhodes and DiBiase have been treated, as bumbling idiots, Orton winning won’t have the same “beating the odds� effect. And a win by DiBiase or Rhodes wouldn’t be the same because (as of right now), it would pretty much be two-on-one, and certainly wouldn’t mean as much as a one-on-one win over Orton. I can’t believe the people writing this feud are the same that are writing the other really good feuds that are leading up to Wrestlemania.


-Triple H was walking backstage. His match with Orton is next.


[Commercial Break]


-Cole and Lawler talked about what happened earlier tonight, with Cena being distracted by Batista, leading to Big Show socking him in the face.


(4) Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Orton hammered away with right hands to start. Triple H was whipped into the buckle, but charged out with a clothesline. Suplex, then a knee-drop out of the corner that you could’ve driven a truck through. Still, it got a two-count. Trips injured his shoulder after being ushered to the outside. He set up for his rope-assisted DDT, but he ended up back-dropping Orton over the top rope. Orton turned the tables and sent The Game into the ring steps. He propped Hunter up on the steps and DDT’d him, using the stairs in place of the ropes as he usually does them. Break time just over 3:00 into the contest.


[Commercial Break]


Trips was working out of a rear chin-lock out of break. Back-breaker by Orton put an end to that. They did the “boo-yeah� punches with Orton getting the boos, despite some good face heat at times during the match. High knee from Triple H, then a face-buster. Powerslam by Orton, called “WWE’s apex predator� by Cole. Jeez. Spinebuster by Hunter for two. Pedigree set up by Hunter, countered with a back-drop. Double-clothesline in mid-ring. Orton was on the apron, but Trips pulled him in and he landed the Pedigree. Before he could make the cover, Legacy ran in and attacked Triple H.


Winner: Triple H, via DQ, at 10:03. Pretty good match between these two. They had it in second-and-third gear a little more than I expected.


Once Triple H was out of the way, DiBiase and Rhodes concentrated on attacking Orton. When Hunter came in to stop it, Sheamus came out of nowhere and laid out The Game. “You suck� chants from the fans as Legacy continued assaulting Orton on the outside. Cross-Rhodes by Cody. Lawler said things were changing in WWE and Cole said the young guns (Rhodes, DiBiase and Sheamus) were staking their claim.


-Batista was walking backstage. He faces Kofi Kingston next. I’m surprised at how little we’ve seen Austin so far.



[Commercial Break]


-The newest inductee into the 2010 Hall-of-Fame: Gorgeous George. The video included parts of an interview with George’s first wife, Betty as well as Dick “The Destroyer� Beyer, Bob Geigel, Dick Steinborn (opponent of George), Bert Sugar (the boxing analyst with the hat), John Capouya (George biographer), and Angelo Dundee (trainer of Muhammad Ali). Were those interviews for a DVD, or were they done for this induction? They noted that his 96-year old former wife, Betty Wagner, would induct him. I thought she would accept in his honor- maybe Cole misspoke.


-The announcers discussed the Wrestlemania card.


(5) Batista vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston was going for the bumblebee look tonight. Batista just threw Kingston around the ring with ease. Kingston came back with some kicks and chops. High flying clothesline. Batista escaped the ring before the Boom drop. Batista pulled Kofi out of the ring and attacked him outside. He threw him back in the ring, but missed a corner splash. Springboard by Kofi, but Batista caught him with a clothesline. Hard fall by Kofi. Spinebuster, then a Batista Bomb for the victory. Pretty vicious one at that.


Winner: Batista, at 2:53. I still can’t believe Kofi isn’t in a Wrestlemania match.


Batista stood over Kofi with the belt as referee John Cone had a towel. I guess Batista was busted open, probably from Kofi’s kick in the corner. Maybe that was why the Batista Bomb was particularly brutal. Batista came to somebody wearing a Cena shirt on the side of the ramp. He was booing Batista and giving him the thumbs-down. Batista faked a punch, and the guy hid behind the security wall. Pretty funny.


-The contract signing is next!


[Commercial Break]


-They announced that Pete Rose would be the Raw guest host for next week.


-Rose has already made a match for next week, and it’ll be Randy Orton & Triple H vs. Sheamus, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.


-Justin Roberts introduced Bret “The Hitman� Hart for the contract signing. Vince McMahon came out next and pretended to limp down to the ring, mocking Bret. An “Austin� chant led to Steve Austin coming back out. Austin wanted to take care of one more piece of business before the contract signing. He said that last year, he was inducted into the WWE Hall-of-Fame and he’s very proud of it. Austin said that Stu Hart was supposed to go in this year. McMahon stood up but Austin told him to sit his ass down. “Ass� was bleeped this time. Austin said that McMahon reneged on his promise to put Stu in, so Austin said that Stu Hart would be going into the WWE Hall-of-Fame this year. He asked McMahon if he had a problem with that.


McMahon said he didn’t because the entire Hart family will be there. He called every Hart member who stepped in the ring “a dysfunctional derelict.� Vince implored Bret to sign the contract and take his beating like a man at Wrestlemania. He said the contract was iron-clad and if Bret didn’t show up, Vince would sue him for everything he had. Bret said it didn’t matter if both legs were broken, because he can and will beat Vince. He said neither man wanted a wrestling match, so he proposed a No Holds Barred match. McMahon said, in the immortal words of Steve Austin, “hell yeah.� McMahon said he has enjoyed screwing with Bret the past few months, and with this stipulation, this time, Bret has screwed Bret again. Bret signed first, then Vince stared at Bret as the crowd chanted “sign it.� McMahon then angrily put his John Hancock on the papers. Austin announced it as being official. He said he was going to enjoy McMahon taking an ass-kicking (I assume, once again they bleeped “ass� and the rest of his comment).


McMahon stood facing Austin, who had left the ring. Austin stood on the ramp and said there was one thing he forgot to tell Vince, but he thought he’d let Bret tell him. McMahon sat down and said to Bret, “tell me.� Unfortunately, sitting on the table was the cast that was formerly on the leg of Bret. Vince paused and Bret had a very funny smirk on his face. Crowd ate it up. Interesting way to reveal it. Hart said he wouldn’t go into detail about the filming of the stunt to make it look like he broke his leg. Hart said what Vince needed to know was that he was 100% and if McMahon tried to back out of the match, Bret would sue him for everything he’s worth. Hart said that, tonight, Vince screwed Vince. Bret nailed Vince with the cast and sent him toppling over the table. He nailed him once again to keep him down as Bret’s music played. Bret walked to the back as McMahon barely stirred in the ring.

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I felt kind of let down by the lack of Austin involvement ... but I understand why, they're more focused on building Mania so it makes sense. I think the last segment was brilliant too, I was actually expecting for Bret to reveal the injury was fake at Mania, but thinking about it it actually makes more sense to do it now, so people expect a "fair fight" going in (angle wise), it might convince them to buy the show.



Is anyone here planning on buying Mania, and if so do you usually buy it, or are you going to buy it because this year's seems more special?


I'm going to buy it, and I usually do buy Mania's, but I have never been this excited about a WrestleMania in years. The way they have built this card is phenomenal.

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I felt kind of let down by the lack of Austin involvement ... but I understand why, they're more focused on building Mania so it makes sense. I think the last segment was brilliant too, I was actually expecting for Bret to reveal the injury was fake at Mania, but thinking about it it actually makes more sense to do it now, so people expect a "fair fight" going in (angle wise), it might convince them to buy the show.


It also makes more sense to do it now since, if he's accepting the HOF induction for his father, you don't want him hobbling on the HOF stage just to sell a fake injury.



Is anyone here planning on buying Mania, and if so do you usually buy it, or are you going to buy it because this year's seems more special?


I'm going to buy it, and I usually do buy Mania's, but I have never been this excited about a WrestleMania in years. The way they have built this card is phenomenal.


Yeah, we're buying it here. That or going out and watching it, if the place we used to go is playing it. We get all the PPVs and with people chipping in, it's a lot cheaper (even though the price is ridiculous).

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