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Young Marlins rotation has many question marks.


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Article from the official site on the state of our rotation this year.




Sure is a big difference thinking about the rotation going into last season compared to this one. Last season we were coming off '06 and that impressive foursome with double-digit wins, wondering if we had something special on our hands.


Then again we know the rotation could be vastly different yet again next year.



For me, the biggest things I'm hoping for are a positive step forward for Scott Olsen, and for strong returns from injury for Nolasco and Anibal. Olsen's still got great stuff in that arm, and he sounds like he wants to be a leader of the staff. Get it together.


Aside from that, everything else seems minor. I mean yes Andrew Miller will have high expectations, but just give me a nice "building step" season. Show you can pitch deep into games, get your feet wet. A steady ERA somewhere in the 4s would be just fine for his rookie season, I don't need anything spectacular. We're not in a rush.


Mitre's probably not part of the future here, but if he can put together a full consistent healthy season, at the very least he'd make a nice trade piece because the guy's still relatively young if he can stick around.


Hendrickson..... eh just give us some innings. Anything positive is gravy.


We know '08 isn't that important in the big picture, it's sort of a rebuilding year for the rotation with all the injuries and waiting for a few more prospects to join the fun. But there could also be some key questions answered.



Keeping in mind expectations are lowered this season, what are the biggest things you're looking for from the rotation this year?

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Keeping in mind expectations are lowered this season, what are the biggest things you're looking for from the rotation this year?


Even though this won't be a year that we're in contention, I agree that it is still a very important year for the future core of the rotation. It's going to be a year where alot of guys have to proove themselves worthy of being big league starters. Almost every guy in the rotation has something to proove, some bouncing back from injuries and ofcourse young guys that need to show they have what it takes to stick around.


2008 will be a tryout year in a sense. Miller, Vandenhurk, and Mitre are all trying to establish themselves and all you can hope for is that they put up some decent numbers to go with their potential.

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