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NFL Thread- Week 3

Fish Dynasty

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AFC East


New England 2-0

Buffalo 2-0

New York Jets 1-1

Miami 0-2


AFC North


Pittsburgh 2-0

Baltimore 1-0

Cleveland 0-2

Cincinnati 0-2


AFC South


Tennessee 2-0

Indianapolis 1-1

Jacksonville 0-2

Houston 0-1


AFC West


Denver 2-0

Oakland 1-1

San Diego 0-2

Kansas City 0-2


NFC East


New York Giants 2-0

Dallas 2-0

Philadelphia 1-1

Washington 1-1


NFC North


Green Bay 2-0

Chicago 1-1

Detroit 0-2

Minnesota 0-2


NFC South


Carolina 2-0

New Orleans 1-1

Tampa Bay 1-1

Atlanta 1-1


NFC West


Arizona 2-0

San Francisco 1-1

St. Louis 0-2

Seattle 0-2

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14-3, ronnie brown and Pennington are BEASTS today. And the one day i don't pick the dolphins to win...



From now on, i am going to pick against the dolphins, seems to help them




EDIT: 21-3, Ronnie Brown now wit 3 TD's, simply unbelievable, now halftime

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Ronnie Brown began to show he wasn't a bust last year, but injuries are his biggest problem, when healthy, he is beastley. Ted Ginn was the biggest mistake in NFL history, I am not saying Brady Quinn will become a great NFL QB, but he would've been better than Ted Ginn

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