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Treanor has surgery, hopes to return


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The muscle tears around catcher Matt Treanor's left hip that sidelined him 24 games last season were worse than anticipated. Yet after undergoing surgery Oct. 1 that also fixed an umbilical hernia, Treanor expects to be at full strength well before he heads to Jupiter.


That is, if Jupiter is where he will report for spring training.


Treanor is unsure whether he has played his last game for the only organization he's known since midway through the 1997 season. One of 15 arbitration-eligible Marlins, Treanor will go through the process for the second time. Last season, he didn't know whether the Marlins were keeping him until the December deadline to tender contracts.


This offseason may not be any different.



"I've learned a little bit over the last couple of years, especially last year, to kind of live in the moment," Treanor said. "I'm not going to worry about that stuff now. Especially being hurt, or being on the road to recovery, my focus is getting fixed and healthy."


Though Treanor is due a bump over the $705,000 he earned in 2008, he certainly won't break the bank. A John Baker-Treanor tandem should cost the Marlins less than $2 million, considering Baker will earn right around the $400,000 league minimum next season.


Treanor is not an impact player offensively, but he's no longer a black hole in the lineup. More importantly, Treanor is a quality catcher and his knowledge of the pitchers would be invaluable to Baker's development.


"Bake did an outstanding job and he was always open to conversation about the pitching staff," Treanor said. "For me, I know all those guys. I watched them all come up. If the Marlins do keep me, I feel I would definitely be a positive in the clubhouse, but things happen. You just meet it head on and let things happen."

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Why would brad ausmus be the perfect fit? I know his defense is great, but hows his bat?

Not only would he be a great mentor to Baker, which is why the Stros kept him this year for Towles, but he calls great games and still hits LHP rather well.


He'd also give you that "veteran presence" thing, if you're into that.

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