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College Football Thread - 2009 Week 9

Orlando Rays

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USC should not be #5. Not with the way Cincinnati and TCU are handling their business, and certainly not when they're not even leading their conference. I pray to God that Oregon beats USC this weekend. Fortunately it will be at Autzen Stadium, "Where Great Teams Go to Die".


Everyone is hyping up how Florida got a "big scare" (yet they won fairly comfortably in the end). Well Alabama had an even bigger scare (saved by blocked FGA at end of time), and Iowa had the biggest scare of them all (needed last-second TD to win).


1) Florida, 7-0

2) Alabama, 8-0

3) Texas, 7-0

4) Iowa, 8-0

5) USC, 6-1

6) TCU, 7-0

7) Boise State, 7-0

8) Cincinnati, 7-0

9) LSU, 6-1

10) Oregon, 6-1

11) Georgia Tech, 7-1

12) Penn State, 7-1

13) Virginia Tech, 5-2

14) Oklahoma State, 6-1

15) Pittsburgh, 7-1

16) Utah, 6-1

17) Ohio State, 6-2

18) Houston, 6-1

19) Miami, 5-2

20) Arizona, 5-2

21) West Virginia, 6-1

22) South Carolina, 6-2

23) Notre Dame, 5-2

24) California, 5-2

25) Mississippi, 5-2


Results for the Florida schools:


#1 Florida (7-0) beat Mississippi State (3-5), 29-19

#10 Miami (5-2) lost to Clemson (3-3), 40-37 (OT)

USF (5-2) lost to #20 Pitt (7-1), 41-14

UCF (4-3) beat Rice (0-8), Saturday, 49-7

FSU (3-4) beat North Carolina (4-3), 30-27

FAU (2-4) beat Louisiana-Lafayette (4-3), 51-29

FIU (1-6) lost to Arkansas State (2-4), 27-10


Week 9 Schedule for Florida schools


#1 Florida (7-0) vs. Georgia (4-3), Saturday, October 31 @ 3:30pm (at Jacksonville)

#19 Miami (5-2) @ Wake Forest (4-4), Saturday, October 31 @ 3:30pm

USF (5-2) vs. #21 West Virginia (6-1), Friday, October 30 @ 8:00pm

UCF (4-3) vs. Marshall (5-3), Saturday, October 31 @ 8:15pm

FSU (3-4) vs. North Carolina State (3-4), Saturday, October 31 @ 12:00pm

FAU (2-4) vs. Middle Tennessee State (4-3), Saturday, October 31 @ 4:00pm

FIU (1-6) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (4-3), Saturday, October 31 @ 12:00pm

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As shaky as Florida is, Georgia is even moreso. Look for Tim Tebow to make a statement, else Florida may take a long, hard, fatal tumble.


Miami got shocked last week, and at home. They have to on the road to bounce back.


USF doesn't have a prayer. :mischief


UCF and Marshall in their de facto rivalry game. If UCF wants to climb back to the top of the C-USA East, they must win this game. Hopefully they can build momentum after mauling Rice on the road.


FSU finally managed a win. Can they build some momentum as well?


FAU surprised analysts by beating Louisiana-Lafayette. Now they have a shot to prove they belong in the Sun Belt hosting MTSU.


Speaking if La-La, now they have to go down the Turnpike to FIU. Can they follow in FAU's footsteps, though?

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Finally, I don't have to hear about USC being worth a sh*t any longer.


I am not saying that UC would beat Florida or Alabama, but I will tell you that Florida does not want Cincy on their schedule, ever. One of the big problems that Cincinnati is going to have is that the Big East teams that are good are going to be ducked by the top teams in other conferences (applies to South Florida, Pitt, and West Virginia too) and it will be hard to advance in the BCS.

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