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PS3 question


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so ok, im a total video game dork and i can admit that...as you can see...i have a xbox 360 and i know that it upscales game from their native resolution to go into 1080i on my tv...


i recently discovered on PS3 that it downscales the games depending on their native resolution...i figure out that by getting rid of the 720p check box in the settings, that it will play my other games(cod, uncharted, ac2 and the saboteur) in 1080i but when playing heavy rain that it downscales it to 480i and it looks quite bad


so my question is, is there a way to get it the settings to it only recognizes all my games in 1080i or do i have to change the settings every time i play heavy rain?


thanks and beware of future stupid questions regarding this topic as im a video game geek, not a video geek

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That used to be an issue for me as well because I had a TV that only supported 1080i. If I set it to 720p it would not show a picture. If your TV supports 720P, I suggest checking that box off along with the 1080i box. When you do that, the game will display at its native resolution which will get you the best picture quality. The difference between 720p and 1080i is pretty much negligible.

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