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May 7 - Marlins vs. Nationals


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Chris Volstad (2-2) vs. Craig Stammen (1-1)





C. Coghlan, LF

G. Sanchez, 1B

H. Ramirez, SS

J. Cantu, 3B

D. Uggla, 2B

J. Baker, C

C. Ross, CF

B. Carroll, RF

C. Volstad, P




N. Morgan, CF

C. Guzman, 2B

R. Zimmerman, 3B

A. Dunn, 1B

J. Willingham, LF

I. Rodriguez, C

W. Harris, RF

I. Desmond, SS

C. Stammen, P




"Push yourself, believe in yourself, I can't do no more is bull.

Scream, cry, vomit all you want, you're going to go out there and prove doubters wrong.

You can do it. Know who, what, and why you're doing this for. Believe."

-Bring it.

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We'll seem him some time today if all goes hectic?


Well, I mean, why call up a spec just to have him ride the pine? People were saying this move was made to "shake things up" but nothing about replacing Lamb with Peterson shakes sh*t.

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