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Vazquez's Velocity Increasing?


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Javier Vazquez is trying to regain the form he showed with the Braves in 2009. One way he is aiming to do that is by reverting back to the delivery that he used in Atlanta.


So Vazquez has worked closely with pitching coach Randy St. Claire on doing what worked two years ago. An adjustment has been made to get Vazquez to use his lower body more in his delivery.


Thus far, it is working, and it is reflected in his velocity. On Wednesday against the Nationals, Vazquez was clocked at 90 and 91 mph, after he was about 87 mph in his first outing.


A dip in velocity was a bit of a concern last year when Vazquez was with the Yankees. His fastball regularly was in the 88 mph range.


"In talking to him, he liked the way he threw the ball the way he did with Atlanta two years ago," St. Claire said. "We're trying to get close to that delivery.So after his first outing, you could see he used his lower body a whole lot more than he did in the first game.


"In his last two games, I've seen a better lower-half. His numbers started to pick up, where he is touching 90-91, after it was 86-87 in his first game. You can see it with your eyes. You can see it on the video. I'm going to work with him to keep that feeling that this is the delivery."


-- Joe Frisaro




If it's honestly the case of going back to his 09 delivery, why didn't he do that last season? Why change it at all in fact?

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If it's honestly the case of going back to his 09 delivery, why didn't he do that last season? Why change it at all in fact?



Yankee's pitching coach sucks?


Nagging discomfort, and Girardi riding his pitchers into the ground?


Yeah, but didn't his issues start at the beginning of the year and last all the way through? That tells me it wasn't so much Girardi overusing his pitchers (which I don't doubt, but still) but the pitching coaches failing to see some fairly major issues with his delivery (one that our pitching coach caught on to almost immediately). Eh, guess the nagging discomfort could explain that, maybe I'm looking into that a bit much?

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