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China's ghost cities and Malls...


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Yeah, Dubai is also suffering from something similar. They are having trouble selling houses/apartments there. I heard that the largest population in Dubai at the moment is the people brought in to build all the buildings.



I think one of the key differences between Dubai and this is that in Dubais case, all the hotels, housing, malls, etc. are luxury, for the high middle/ upper class.

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Dubai has the potential to be one of the flippin coolest places in the world. I hope that whole mess works out in the end.



The size of this building in Dubai freaks me out




Thats the Burj Dubai, no? Thing is sick. But that whole city was built in a "bubble" economy, so it cannot sustain itself. Unlike most other middle eastern cities, Dubai has no oil, and it was built itself on tourism. Obviously, when the economy crashed, so did lavish vacations for most people. The super-mega rich can afford to go to Dubai still, but not the upper midle class, who may have been able to before. I hope it survives, or, that prices go wayyyyy down so I can go check it out one day!

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