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8th Inning Saves?


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Found this article about the classic topic of how the closer role is often overrated because the 9th inning isn't always the most difficult portion of the game to save. Many times the 8th or even the 7th inning, depending on the situation, is a more crucial inning to close out than the 9th. The topic's been debated time and again but I had a thought that I wanted to gauge you guys' thoughts on...


What would you guys think to making the Save stat be subjective towards whichever reliever had the "most difficult situation" in the game? Do you think this is something MLB could consider in the future? Maybe the most difficult situation would be too subjective to gauge... so maybe we need to add saves for the 8th inning if the situation dictates it? Could we maybe see two saves a game? Even three in extreme cases?


Say Hensley comes in during the 8th to a situation with two men on in a one run game with no outs and he gets all three outs, then Leo closes it in the 9th with little to no trouble.... Would that be a save for Hensley only or a save for both because at least Leo got the traditional version of a save to go along with Hensley's more crucial save?


Or, here's another... what if the closer came in the 8th in a crucial spot of a two run game and closes out the 8th... but in the bottom of the 8th, the home team breaks out for a multitude of runs and then the 9th comes and its a 5 or 6 run lead, the manager brings in a middle reliever just to finish the game. Wouldn't you only give the save to the 8th inning guy as the 9th inning middle reliever clearly didn't have much on the line?


I'm rambling, but the thought crossed my mind... Any thoughts on "situational saves" or "multiple saves per game?"


...this sounds like a question for the next email Tuesday

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The definition for a save and a hold are basically the same thing, only with a different term.


Holds are actually easier to get though because as long as you get one out with your team up by 3 or less, you can get a hold. You can't get a save with a 3-run lead, getting one out, with no one on.


I understand the point that you're trying to get across, but just saying...holds mean almost the same thing.


And the whole thing would be rather subjective in certain games, if they were to start giving it every single game to the "most important reliever." There would have to be a definition for "most important reliever," if a save stat like that were to be created.

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