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5/4 Post Game

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In defense of Vazquez...


Bonifacio's drop lead to 2 runs and then the Cardinals I believe had a hit in run on where Molina hit a weak ground ball that would normally have been where Hanley was which would have resulted in a DP in most situations, the Cardinals went on to score 2 runs on another poor hit and then finally a solid hit by Theriot.


He doesn't have the stuff he used to but I have a feeling he will get better as the season goes on.

I don't like that he doesn't have a strike out pitch, and he walks guys a bit too much.


Was getting worried about Stanton in that 5 hole, nope.


Hanley isn't hitting but at least he has a good eye and is taking walks (but I eventually want this to end and see him starting hitting like he used to, I miss the old Hanley)


Nunez is 11 for 11... and IDC how he does it, he is a much better pitcher with the curve.

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