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Chris Coghlan


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Are they doing this partially to teach him a lesson ? That's a pretty harsh one if they are.



A lesson for what? Not sure what the love for Coghlan is. He's NOT an MLB player at the moment. Rookie season was just a Flash, he's done nothing since. Can't hit and is not healthy. He has NO job as far as Im concerned. He's gotta earn it..

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I think it's time to see what Bryan Peterson can do.



Amen Spud. He's been hovering around 800 ops with good defense and baserunning. If this keeps up for the rest of the season he's at least the 4th outfielder next season. I'd love for him to pop a few homers here & there but if he hits doubles at this pace I'm fine with that. I mean we're basically comparing him to Coghlan and Boni who don't have any power either. At least the guy is taking the opportunity and making the most of it.

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I'd be OK with an open competition between Petersen and Cogs next year for CF. As long as it means we can get money to shore up 3B and SPs.



Do you really think this team is gonna go out and sign a third basemen when you know they can't resist trying to hand a prospect a starting job? That's what they did going into this year and given that Dominguez is one more mediocre year further, I doubt this organization changes philosophies, though I wouldn't complain.

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