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I was at the FSU-Miami game on Saturday. At the beginning of the third quarter when everybody went back to their seats, my wife and I were taking our time. I walked past a guy, and thought no way, what is he doing here. He was just standing there by the concession stand. I looked at him and said Chris? He said yeah. Volstad? And he just smiled. He acted surprised that I recognized him. We talked for about five minutes, got a picture with him and everything. He wasnt in a hurry to move on. Acted like he wouldve talked for an hour if i wanted to. He shook my hand and said it was a pleasure to meet you and thanks stopping to say hi. I know he has haf his struggles, but i just became a much bigger fan of his just due to how classy and polite he was.


Also, im 5'10", and i came up to his chest. The picture looks like im sitting down!

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Right on, release the giant. I second Squall's post.


The way he pitched after coming back from AAA ERA 3.48 and at age 24 he should not be released. ERA of 2.32 in September is not sustainable but Chris Carpenter struggled worse by age 24.


I didnt mean Literally release him, more like "Release the Kraken." release him.

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I actually really like Volstad. But if we can find better options for this rotation, we should try to trade him. We can't have a player making that much money in the minors.


With that being said, if our 1-4 in the rotation is great, Volstad isn't a bad #5 by any means.



If Volstad is kept as the No. 5 starter, then to me he's the "Oh man here we go again" guy every fifth day. Just sayin!

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