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Trout should turn down the $150m+ the Angels will offer him


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He should walk away from the $150 million or so that few of us can imagine turning down. Even with life-changing money on the table, Trout should tell the Angels that he'd rather go year to year instead.


Trout has already passed the point of a serious injury wrecking his future earnings potential. At this point, Trout is just one single year away from arbitration, where his 2015 salary will be determined based on his career performance. And the reality is that he doesn't even have to be that good or healthy next year to land a really large payout in arbitration.


For example, Giancarlo Stanton


alright, alright.... read the rest of Dave Cameron's dumb article here at ESPN

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The only reason I can see for Trout turning down that kind of money from the Angels is that the last few times they paid that kind of money, it hasn't worked out so well. Trout only has to look at Grady Sizemore to see what can happen down the road. I remember some who believed that he was the best player in baseball years ago, but a lot of good that's done for him in recent years.

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