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Red-headed David Samson?

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I was watching an MLB Network documentary on the Montreal Expos and found this odd clip of David Samson around what I'm guessing is the late 90s to early 2000s and he's totally got red hair! Anyone else ever seen this? This blew me away and I'm having a hard time stopping myself from laughing at this. We know he answers all emails, someone should send him this... 1620cdc1fe2400518e7fef4eff0ce1e5.jpg&key=1cb0f6f22d45e1e13ab6e1f64594874509929232d8b0b999551085e7f387618f



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I'm with @taiwanmarlin I don't care the color of his hair All I see is two douche bags that ruined baseball for Montreal and they almost did the same for Miami 

You should care about the hair because it's a perfect example of the horrendous decision making skills of that man. We should have known all the hell that was coming here based on his hair color alone.


And, jokes aside, there were plenty of things killing baseball in Montreal way before Loria came along. He didn't help at the end, even though he tried, but he isn't the reason baseball is gone up there.

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