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Was Derek Jeter almost a Marlin in 1994?


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Surprised this hasn't come up since Jeter took over the team because this has been brought up before, this is nothing new. For several years now there's been rumors, that have been backed up by a few people involved including Jeter himself, that say that the Yankees considered trading Jeter to the Marlins in 1994 so that they could get 1993 All Star closer Bryan Harvey in pinstripes. 


The following article is from 2003 and has Jeter himself talking about hearing the trade rumors and being nervous when he got a phone call from his Double A manager though it turned out the call was to promote him to Triple A and the Marlins trade never happened. 




Imagine that. Obviously many things would have changed but it's a bit of a fun fact especially with Jeter now being the Marlins CEO.


"Pack your bags," Evers told him. "I didn't know whether he meant for Florida or what," says Jeter. 




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