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Development of Miami Marlins logo

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An oldie but a goodie, I don't think this was ever posted or discussed on here but this is a 2012 article that goes through the 28-month development/design process that created the logos and uniforms of the 2012 rebrand. A lot of great info and details in here and it's interesting to read especially thinking about the team most likely rebranding again within the next few years. The hidden gem in here is the image at the bottom with 6 rejected "finalist" logos that are shockingly worse than the logo we eventually got. Enjoy...







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By the way, a 28 month development process... assuming Jeter started the process immedietaly when he took over the team, and taking into account that uniform and logo changes have to be approved during the prior season... would mean a future rebrand doesn't happen here until the 2021 season at the earliest. Just throwing that out there for thought. 



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Just cause it took 28 months for this one, doesn't mean it'd take 28 months every time.


I know... just putting it out there for thought. It could be less, it could even be more than 28 months. Moreso putting it out there for everyone who thinks we rebrand in 2019. Just really a reminder that it's definitely not a "quick and easy" process. 



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I would say a target date of 2020 would be more than likely. Aren't TV deals being renewed by then and hopefully naming rights for the stadium?


For it to happen in 2020, it would have to be completed and approved by May of 2019.


If Jeter started the development process in October of 2017 (big assumption right there considering all the other things he has to worry about as well) that would mean 19 months between October 2017 and May of 2019. The last four major rebrands (Miami, Toronto, Houston, and Arizona) all took closer to two years to develop (based on everything I've read). 


Not trying to burst people's bubbles but I'm just explaining how the process works and, compared to other similar rebrands, 2019 and 2020 might not be likely. 


I can easily be proven wrong of course but history is showing otherwise. 



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