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Pick Up Lines!


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If you are a man... What pick up lines do you normally use? Do they work? Have you gotten a slap in the face because of them?


If you are a woman... What are the worst pick up lines you have ever heard? What are the best? Have you slapped a guy because of them? :D


Worst pick up line I have heard:

Excuse me. Do you wanna f*** or should I apologize?

Yes, he got a slap in the face by a friend of mine :nono


Best pick up line:


:D Simple, but works!

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had a friend who used to hand out calling cards which said:

Smile if you want to sleep with me

then watch the victim try to hold back her smile...

Or he had cards that said:

Here I am, madly in love with you, on the verge of killing myself for your love

and I don't even know your NAME__________ PHONE________

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