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Marlins Top 30 Prospects


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Jeremy Hermida OF

Jason Stokes 1B

Jeff Allison RHP

Scott Olsen LHP

Yorman Bazardo RHP

Josh Willingham C

Billy Murphy LHP(in the Redman deal)

Eric Reed OF

Jai Miller OF

Trevor Hutchinson RHP

Lincoln Holdzkom RHP

Cole Seifrig 2B

Lee Mitchell 3B/SS

Ronald Belizario RHP

Robert Andino SS

Kevin Cave RHP

Wilson Valdez SS/2B

Chris Aguila OF

Franklyn Gracesqui LHP

Jon-Michael Nickerson LHP

Josh Wilson SS

Victor Prieto RHP

Logan Kensing RHP

Josh Johnson RHP

Mike Flannery RHP

Pablo Sosa 3B

David Marchbanks LHP

Jonathan Fulton SS

Chris Resop RHP

Chip Ambres OF

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Jeremy hermida

Jason Stokes

Jeff Allison

Scott Olsen

Yorman Bazardo

Josh Willingham

Billy Murphy

Eric Reed

Jai Miller

Trevor Hutchinson

Lincoln Holdzkom

Cole Seifrig

Lee Mitchell

Ronald Belizario

Robert Andino

Kevin Cave

Wilson Valdez

Chris Aguila

Franklyn Gracesqui

Jon-Michael Nickerson

Josh Wilson

Victor Prieto

Logan Kensing

Josh Johnson

Mike Flannery

Pablo Sosa

David Marchbanks

Jonathan Fulton

Chris Resop

Chip Ambres

One word "stud's"...

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How many of these kids do all of you think will make it to the team this year. I have heard about Stokes alot and wouldnt be surprised to see him be starting if Choi struggles, and maybe some of the pitchers to give some help out in the bullpen. :thumbup

hmmmm stokes is a good 2 years away from reaching the majors .... and i think im being generous

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don't forget about Jeffy. Even though he was picked this year, he's been projected to whirl through the minors. He might, though doubtful, be here in '05 also


They aren't going to rush Allison. He needs at least two, maybe three years in the minors if for no other reason than to let his arm mature. Lest you forget David Clyde, bringing a kid a summer out of high school to the bigs is a recipe for disaster. Even Willis, who is the exception that proves the rule did two seasons.


Allison, if he works out, is a key replacement when we can no longer afford to pay a Penny, AJ etc. You don;t want to rush him now, you want him ready hen your core of pitchers start moving on to other teams.

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don't forget about Jeffy. Even though he was picked this year, he's been projected to whirl through the minors. He might, though doubtful, be here in '05 also

I talked to a Marlins player personel guy at a Hammerheads game last year in June or July, I can't remember, and he said that with Allison, they expect him to be competing for a job next spring training (2005), and that they expect him to be very similar to Josh Beckett in terms of development and makeup. Just something to think about, but could you imagine him AJ Josh and Willis in 2005? :drool

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There are a lot of quality guys in this system and that is good for us.


Imagine for a sec. We get a stadium deal that will liberate us from H-bomb's evil clutches. The money will start pouring in. We can re-sign the core of this team and keep adding with the talent that is up and coming. And we are young - we stay good for a long, long time. I am salivating. Our pitching staff could be sick when Allison comes up and we could even keep Penny or Pavs or both (if we get a stadium). The trade value of these players too will only help us. This franchise has a bright future and if we can continue to re-fill the tub with our own bath water...

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Boy did BA miss the boat on some of these players. I've seen Andino, Fulton and Sosa play and I know we have better players than this in the system. They totally wiffed on not putting J. T. Restko and Paul Mildren on the list for starters. What is Chris Resop doing on this list too???!!?? He sucked as a hitter and only recently converted to pitcher. The player personnel VP is Dan Jennings and I see him at quite a few games, perhaps this was who gave the heads up on Allison.

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