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Nate Bump

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Here are some quotes from the Sun Sentinel:


McKeon was pleased with pitcher Nate Bump, who threw two near-perfect innings in Monday's intrasquad game, getting five ground outs, one foul out and hitting one batter.


"He was impressive," McKeon said. "He worked hard all winter and has been throwing like that for a while."


Bump, a rookie last year and front-runner for one of the four bullpen spots, said he is trying to win back McKeon's confidence.


"I want to mean more to the team and be out there in crucial situations," said Bump, who was 4-0 with a 4.71 ERA in 32 relief appearances after being called up June 28 from Triple-A Albuquerque.


Bump started strong, but faltered late in the season, and after giving up two runs in three innings in the NL Championship Series against Chicago, he did not pitch in the World Series.


"He got a little timid and started throwing balls," McKeon said. "The thing I liked about him when I brought him in is he went right at the guy."


"I totally understand," Bump said about his being benched. "Down the stretch I didn't do the best job."


The fact that Bump hit a batter Monday was a good sign to McKeon, since it means he is challenging hitters.


Bump hit seven batters in 361/3 innings and was tied for the team lead with Carl Pavano, who pitched 201 innings.


Could be a significant contributor to our bullpen. I like his bulldog mentality. Who knows, could be a candidate for a starter...if necessary...

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yea i get a good feeling when i think of nate bump and this upcoming season. if bump can be strong we can have a pretty strong 7-8-9 inning punch with bump,fox,and benitez. Although i might be getting a bit ahead of myself, nonetheless this is good news to be hearing of bump pitching well

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I like Neu in there too. But we need some lefty stud to come in and shut things down. I doubt we have that, but I do think that maybe Tejera will break through this season. There is no reason for him to think he is going to start, he can focus on being a reliever and not get his hopes up. This will help him focus and who knows, maybe with some early season mop ups, he could get the confidence he needs to get rolling. But Bump I think could have a very good season. Will make things interesting if AJ isnt quite ready and Oliver (doubtedly) struggles. Always good to have insurance.

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Right now I would settle for a "average middle reliever" with our bullpen.

my sentiments exactly.


i picked him as my sleeper player of the season. not because I think he'll do anything spectacular, I just think he could hold down the job as a 7th inning setup guy for Fox & Benitez.


I noticed Matt Perisho pitched very well in his couple of innings also...

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