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Holy Shmoly


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Guest Juanky

Cheaters suck...


Ban them for life.

i would respect that if your avatar wasn't a yankees symbol


i think you'd lose half your team if everyone on roids was banned for life Only Gary, Jason, and possibly Kevin Brown.


It is probably more noble of him if anything. It's like me being a Canes fan saying that thugs should not be allowed to play football if they have repeated offenses (which I do agree with and as much as Willie Williams is a beast if he is guilty of whatever he did he should not be allowed in).

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I think he meant to say "when you say batard.."

and that makes sense how? I think he meant when Batard is used instead of Le Batard, he automatically thinks Bastard. and when was BATARD used ever in this thread?


out of nowhere hot4beckett said " When you Batard. I think of him as 'The Bastard'. Sorry to say."


it makes no sense at all pertaining to this thread



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