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  1. The Dietrich fan club in section 31 will be upset.
  2. Season ticket holders get electronic tickets.
  3. Think if they revoked fans privileges, so we get banned from attending games, food for thought....
  4. The food is good, drink good. I remembered when I went, I was surprised that it’s a buffet, thought it wound be table service.
  5. I sit section 22 row c seats 1& 2
  6. Hi My seats are in section 22, lower level rows C. Even though they just put a net up, I love seating here. It's near the Marlins dug out. But there really is no bad seat at Marlins park. If you want I have some vouchers that I can sell you, and you take to the box office to exchange for 3 seats at field level. Let me know. [ATTACH]1892._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  7. These games are becoming brutal to watch, but a great effort by Jarlin Garcia.
  8. They usual have an event/concert on the west plaza after the game, that's way the 4:10 start. Gives more time for fans to attend the event.
  9. I have full season tickets, so as many as I can.
  10. You sometimes have to pay for your mistakes. Unfortunately, this is one of them. I knew, and loved Jose Fernandez, but naming a road after him etc., I don't know if that's a message we want to send to those who come after him.
  11. Mariners Release Tom Wilhelmsen The Marlins my sign him real soon, and then release him.
  12. Jules8003

    Fredi's back

    What is it about this club that they want to keep using the same people.
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