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  1. Hill’s contract expired so he’s not getting fired
  2. Ken Rosenthal reporting that the Marlins are launching Michael Hill It was good run.
  3. One final update: We are currently 0.0% to win the World Series at Fangraphs. 😶
  4. MarlinsLou has been located. All is right in Marlinsville.
  5. Does this game qualify for MUST WIN status, boys?
  6. Best poster in the history of Marlins forumville. Hope he comes back.
  7. I have Hotwire Communications (my only option for cable/internet). It’s ridiculously expensive for two TV’s and MLB Network.
  8. Love it. I’d be ok with Aggy playing 1B, too
  9. That would hurt us and help them
  10. Yeah I’m sitting here watching like “how are we ever going to score a run”
  11. We might have to score 2 runs to win this game 👀
  12. What a shame that our best hitter is going to miss the entire playoffs because of a Yankee reliever
  13. Dickersons HR in Chicago guaranteed him a spot in the top of the lineup for the rest of the season
  14. I need to know what a lip ripper is.
  15. Because if we advance, it will be a 5 game series.
  16. Make no mistake, though, the Marlins let an enormous opportunity to win Game 1 against a really good Braves team slip away. And it all started with the HBP (I don’t think it was intentional). It did not help that the Braves swing at everything and were luck boxes yesterday. It also did not help that they took Fried out. We were all over that guy. 4-1 lead and immediately give back 2 runs in the bottom of the inning. If they can somehow get this to Game 5, we have a shot.
  17. When you get hit by a pitch, start taking your 47 arm and leg protectors off, put your bat down and walk to 1B. Don’t stand there with the fokken bat in your band staring into the Marlins dugout, bitch.
  18. Rogers has a 3.67 xFIP. He should be starting (with a short leash) over a guy who has never thrown a pitch in MLB.
  19. I’m surprised how few (if any) fans are using vacation time like me to watch the games. SEVENTEEN year playoff drought. I’m working half days for all of these early games.
  20. No it’s not. It’s ridiculous. I can stomach one 2PM game for the NLDS. Not four of them. It’s a travesty.
  21. Did get a bad ass new release Marlins Skull cap
  22. They have very little here. They have black “Respect Miami” shirts and one style of post-season hat (black) Also had to walk around a bit to make our way to the store because of C-19 testing
  23. 3 lanes blocked on 95 South should have stayed home
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