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  1. This is going to end up being a really long game
  2. Everybody hits weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
  3. Was there some type of collision I missed?
  4. Playoffs odds clicked up to 23.4%
  5. Anyone seen any confirmation that Sixto is starting game 2
  6. Miggy Ro is friggin amazing This was a HUGH win, boys.
  7. Sixto was ready a week and a half ago (according to Miguel Rojas) and he could have replaced Yamameatball’s last 2 starts. I never said he should have been on the team since opening day.
  8. Only the Tigers, Pirates, Mariners and Giants have a smaller chance of making the playoffs per Fangraphs.
  9. “We just wanted to wait until we lost 5 in a row before we called up our top pitching prospect because, you know, Marlins”. -The Front Office
  10. I can’t bear to watch a 5th loss in a row after the start we had.
  11. Kind of amazing how good the Mets lineup is offensively
  12. This game has officially moved into the MUST WIN category. A deGrom start with a comeback during our 4 game losing streak? Yes, MUST WIN.
  13. He threw six innings of gas this week. He’s ready to start instead of Jordan Yamameatball.
  14. It is ok. What’s not ok is that the season is like 30% over, we are one game out of first after a losing streak and we have a guy throwing an EASY 98-100 in Jupiter but we aren’t bringing him up because of service time nonsense. When you haven’t made the playoffs in SEVENTEEN fokken years, service time goes out the window.
  15. Playoff odds below 20% for the first time in a while
  16. Playoff odds only fell to 29.2% despite the tough loss!
  17. Playoff odds up to 29.3%
  18. This loss really stung after the amazing Cervelli home run.
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