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  1. I’m feeling a 5-4 loss, unfortunately.
  2. What are our odds of making the playoffs you ask? 44.4%
  3. Acuńa getting picked off of 2B and Jazz running to the dugout after the tag was the best
  4. Corey Dickerson is one of the worst players on our team.
  5. 38.1%! Finally have a better chance than the Mets to make the playoffs per Fangraphs.
  7. Not being buyers where we sit now after a seventeen (17) year playoff drought would be irresponsible. They can be buyers without selling key young guys.
  8. https://youtu.be/pct1uEhAqBQ
  9. https://youtu.be/pct1uEhAqBQ
  10. Only the Cardinals have hit less HR’s than us (yes I know we missed games) We need to hit more HR’s, though. It’s painfully obvious.
  11. We will probably do the thing now where we score 1 run in the bottom of the 9th.
  12. I’m not super annoyed because deGrom started and I was anticipating a loss but I think of our “fast” baserunners, only Villar gets called out on that play.
  13. One team has a harder remaining schedule than the Marlins: the Rockies. If the Marlins play in the World Series there needs to be a 6 part 30 For 30 made about them.
  14. Playoff odds catapulted to 36.2%
  15. Here comes Josh We Lose Smith
  16. He’s BARELY missing some of these corners. I’m impressed.
  17. Castano in game 1. No reason to think that won’t go PERFECT
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