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  1. Imagine being a fan of a team that is involved in the Lindor talks right now.
  2. Geffner is great too. DVH has definitely slowed over the years but he still has that great radio voice.
  3. Calling Willie Mays 3000th hit in 1970 vs the Expos. Thought this was interesting during the slow off season. just 50 years ago [MEDIA=twitter]1206741229364535296[/MEDIA]
  4. Glad he didn’t sign with Marlins. He’s overpaid for what his results are.
  5. If the Marlins have the opportunity to sign Villar and they don’t, it’s because they don’t want to spend money. they can spin that all they want but they won’t be fooling anyone.
  6. Jeter uttering the word “challenging” to the press absolutely equals “the only way we win more than 70 games this year is if we get REAL lucky”.
  7. Damn I thought Lindor was 2021. Great post as usual, lou. Would agree that when we traded Gallen for Jazz we were basically all out on Lindor (unfortunately)? Not that I’m not high on Jazz but.......
  8. I can stomach one more year (2020) of the Marlins not spending (being cheap). I’ve said it 10 times already, though, if they don’t spend to fill holes in 2021 I am done. The only way this core doesn’t win 90 games in 2021 is because the ownership group fails to spend money.
  9. With all of the payroll flexibility I’d rather front load Rendon, keep Andy in RF permanently and fill LF with any combo of Lewin/Bleday/VVM.
  10. It’s not stupid. It’s based on current roster, projected acquisitions and game simulations. Oddsmakers don’t just pull #’s out of a hat.
  11. I hate Chen. I hate him with a passion. But the problem with the Eye Test method of evaluating baseball players is that the eyes (and the heart) tend to vividly remember the very bad outings while forgetting the decent outings. He didn’t say Chen was good. He said Chen may likely not be our worst lefty reliever.
  12. Eliminated Phillies vs a team that, at best, will win 4 less games than they did last year.
  13. Let’s keep Chen on the 25 man roster next year JUST BECAUSE he’s due $22 million. It doesn’t matter that it makes the team worse. Right??
  14. Can we please have some of our highly touted pitching prospects start games next year instead of Duggar?
  15. On the third anniversary of Jose’s death the Marlins play the Mets. Lewis Brinson threw a 2-hopper to Isan Diaz who was in short right field. Rojas and Diaz looked at each other on a routine ground ball. It’s 7-0 in the 2nd inning. We aren’t winning. We
  16. Rendon will sign with the team that offers him the most money. It’s really that simple.
  17. I’m very confident that the player would accept a at market value (or above market value , especially if front loaded) contract. I’m much less confident that Sherman/Jeter will offer the player said contract.
  18. Can we upgrade from Urena next year? His ERA is 11.25 as a reliever.
  19. -First and foremost: MONEY. There are countless examples of top tier players signing with non-top tier organizations. -no state income tax -and the Marlins have the added bonus (that not all bottom tier organizations have), a clear vision for a successful rebuild. Yes, it’s one year too early to sign Rendon but he’s available and fits the organization perfectly.
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