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  1. Playoff odds down to 26% thanks to that loss and our brutal schedule. For perspective, the 5-7 Brewers have a 47.8% chance.
  2. Playoff odds inched up to 20.9% This has been really fun. I lol’d at the HR RIGHT AFTER the Cervelli mound meeting. I like Cervelli, though. We need him to stay healthy. A +9 Run Differential with a 6-1 record is concerning but I’m just enjoying the ride. We kind of have to win the series vs the Mets. Which is very doable.
  3. I put $5 to win $1,500 on them prior to the start of the season.
  4. Playoff odds up to 20.5%, boys! LETS GOOOOOOO
  5. Good to see Conley made the team
  6. I was wondering when someone was going to hold the manager accountable
  7. Very dumb. Wasting a year of club control on Sixto, Meyer, JJ, Jazz, Cabrera etc during a season where we have, what, the 2nd most difficult schedule in MLB seems very reckless. I guess if the Marlins start the season 12-3, ok, go for it? But beyond that, no.
  8. I cry at night because of no beisbol
  9. MLB Network is showing the final game of the 2003 NLDS @ 8PM tonight. Haven’t seen it since I saw it from the upper deck in right field foul territory. Looking forward to the re-watch.
  10. If you were a Dodger or a Dodgers fan you’d be justifiably “butthurt”
  11. When World Series tickets went on sale I was faced with a tough decision as a young man with limited income. I could afford tickets for my brother and I for 2 games. I rolled the dice and bought tickets for Game 1 (no brainer) and Game................. 6
  12. At this point if they are playing regular season games end of June/July I will be thrilled regardless of the playoff structure. I need baseball.
  13. Astros easily the team least upset about COVID-19
  14. Yeah I’ve been telling friends June 18th is my guess for Opening Day.
  15. So cutting the draft in half would be done to save owners $$$? I’m a little confused on that part.
  16. Lewis Brinson puts it all together and then this happens
  17. Just curious where you are hearing/reading this?
  18. https://news.yahoo.com/ask-taboo-america-overreacting-coronavirus-191630253.html
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