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  1. First of all, Villar was a 4.0 WAR player this past year, and Aguilar is two years removed from a .274/.352/.539 slash line with 35 homers and 108 RBI. They're good, or at least they have it in them to be good. Second, what did you want them to do? Sit on their hands and do nothing? If they are unable to land Castellanos, it doesn't mean the other moves were "stupid." They signed two low-risk, high-reward players. If the Marlins don't sign players, they're cheap. If they do, they're stupid. Funny how that works.
  2. I don't think anyone deserves that type of criticism that early on in their job. He deserved a chance. I get that the Stanton and Yelich trades looked ugly but he didn't have much of a choice.
  3. Over $100 million for a guy who has a ridiculously bad injury history and is only decent even when he is healthy. I don't understand all of the hype over this dude. Lifetime 3.77 ERA and 3.71 FIP. He's solid but come on. The fact that he is probably getting more than Bumgarner (who has never actually had any arm trouble in his career) makes my head spin.
  4. No one said anything about a statue, but all of the criticism he received early on was utterly ridiculous.
  5. So maybe all of the talk about how Jeter sucked and had no clue what he was doing was a bit knee-jerk and perhaps we should haven't counted him out two months into his job? Whoda thunk it!
  6. Yankees fans: "Stanton is a waste! We don't need him! Get him off the team!" Also Yankees fans after their offense gets shut down without Stanton in the lineup: "Stanton is hurt again?! WE NEED HIM. If he can walk HE NEEDS TO PLAY."
  7. That was always overblown. Two of the major injuries he had were getting beaned in the face in 2014 and then getting hit in the hand in 2015. He had the groin injury late in 2016 but otherwise he had been healthy since 2013 outside of freak injuries as a result of getting hit by pitches.
  8. Just when he was starting to heat up, too.
  9. So happy for Stanton. Keep it up, Big G.
  10. Still waiting on a big series from Big G. Hopefully it's this one. Really, really want to see him kill it.
  11. Seems symptomatic of an organizational problem more than anything else. That roster just isn't good and they've been bad for almost a decade now. They had far bigger issues than just Kapler. Managers can only do so much with a flawed roster. Their problems start at the top.
  12. For what? Did they really think their roster was good enough to seriously contend in either of the last two years?
  13. Using an individual outing from one individual pitcher is also not a good way of evaluating a trade.
  14. We now have the fourth-ranked farm system in baseball. There is literally nothing bad about that. Lewis Brinson being terrible is a precursor of absolutely nothing.
  15. So it's possible that just maybe Derek Jeter knows what he's doing after all and all of the people who were calling him a disaster after one year may have jumped the gun a little bit?
  16. Valid

    Stroman to Mets

    The Mets don't rebuild. They just decide to patch up leaks with bubblegum and Scotch tape, which is exactly why they haven't won anything in over three decades. I also don't think we can count on the Braves, Nationals and Phillies being as dumb as the Mets.
  17. Valid

    Stroman to Mets

    Lol so they are seriously going to do this thing where they get Stroman and then trade Syndergaard even though Syndergaard is younger, better and has more club control than Stroman? Any time you are feeling crappy about the Marlins' front office, remember: the Mets exist.
  18. I love that they are actually taking their time and trying to find the right deal rather than just dumping him off like they have done with so many other players in the past.
  19. Valid


    Definitely. Best-case scenario, he pitches well and makes some nice trade bait at the deadline. Worst-case scenario, he sucks on a one-year deal. Very low-risk, high-reward.
  20. I actually wouldn't mind this. I would imagine we could get him on a cheap one-year deal and then flip him at the trade deadline if he produces.
  21. Where the heck is Larry anyway? Is he basically gone? Didn't post here for a while so I'm out of the loop.
  22. No Yankees fans even talk about Carl Pavano anymore. Regardless, it's in kind of bad taste to be cool with a move when it's made (which I'm pretty sure most of us were when we re-signed Prado) and then rip it when it unfortunately goes downhill. Injuries have also played a major role in Prado's decline. It's like saying "I hope Pitcher X throws a slider here" and then being upset when Pitcher X throws a good slider and Hitter Y goes down and smacks it to opposite field for a home run.
  23. The Prado extension looked like a good move at the time, so it's hard to hate on it.
  24. And then the Marlins screw themselves in the process. If they know he isn't going to be here long term, he needs to go. Sticking it to someone is not how you run a front office.
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