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  1. So you didn't give up on the team when they had firesales after the 1997 World Series, 2005, 2007 and 2012, but trading J.T. Riddle and his .605 OPS will be the straw that breaks the camel's back for you?
  2. Yeah. It's April 16th. Plenty of time for him to bounce back.
  3. Maybe because he struck out 114 guys with a 2.28 ERA and 2.80 FIP in 86.2 innings last year?
  4. #FirstPlace #IKnowItsApril #IDontCare
  5. Would this be worse than if you bought the team?
  6. Does this mean @Das Texan is a Marlins fan again?
  7. And you think Ivan Nova would have fixed it? The dude has a lifetime 4.26 FIP and 1.365 WHIP. A couple of good months with Pittsburgh doesn't change the fact that he is really no better than anyone else in our rotation. Nova is a guy you add when you have a good 1-2-3 punch at the top of your staff and need a decent back-end starter (i.e. Tom Koehler); not when you have what the Marlins do.
  8. LMAO at that Infoplease article that was cited in this. So trying to win = no class? I know it was written 20 years ago now, but still. Funny.
  9. Definitely, especially over the past several years. Heck, they've even starting re-signing their own guys, which is something they never really did before.
  10. Lol at Oakland. Billy Beane is the most overrated front office executive in the history of professional sports. He's teflon, though. He literally does the same thing the Marlins do (without the two World Series titles) and gets a pass for it because "Moneyball."
  11. What's with all of this talk about sucking ass? That's disgusting. There are children here (maybe).
  12. He's really not, to be honest. He's pretty much on par with them as a starter. He's actually basically another Tom Koehler as a starting pitcher. Phelps the starter is a completely different pitcher than Phelps the reliever.
  13. Honestly, the sheer lack of serious interest in Encarnacion around the MLB in general is puzzling.
  14. Phelps started for most of the first four years of his career and posted ERAs in the mid 4s, WHIPs around 1.4 and didn't strike guys out. He is 10 times better in the pen.
  15. I mean, to be fair, Chen has historically been a 2-3 and Conley is probably a 3.
  16. Yeah, because Loria would have totally allowed Beinfest to spend that kind of money on two relievers. Beinfest had about as much power with the Marlins as @Admin has control over this website. But in all seriousness, it wouldn't have mattered who the GM was. Free agents don't balk at coming to the Marlins because of the front office; they balk because of the owner. All things considered, though, I liked Beinfest. The dude at least had a clue.
  17. Actually, it happens midway through. You don't wanna see the finished product.
  18. Canada Marlin even lists her gender as "male" just to try and throw you off the trail. Apparently, it hasn't worked.
  19. Get Ziegler and use the remaining money you would have used on Jansen to sign Encarnacion. Offseason over.
  20. That doesn't change the fact that he stinks.
  21. They literally just did it a year ago.
  22. I'm going to assume he meant Neftali Feliz. I cant think of any notable FAs named "Perez" off the top of my head.
  23. Well, yeah, but you know damn well that that weasel would be writing an article about how cheap the Marlins are if they weren't pursuing one of the two closers.
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