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  1. This is how you end up with Aaron Boone. There needs to be a happy medium.
  2. Aaron Boone is stupid. He has a playoff monster in Masahiro Tanaka and another proven veteran who has been solid all year in CC Sabathia, and in Game 1 against Boston, he starts...wait for it...J.A. Happ. And as of right now, Happ would pitch a potential Game 5 in Boston. How the heck do you trust him in a decisive playoff game like that? If this series ends up going the distance and Boone doesn't opt for Tanaka in the final game, he's a complete moron.
  3. If Marlins fans get upset over an 80-win season two years from now, then they are missing the big picture. I am honestly not expecting this team to compete for a playoff spot until 2021 at the earliest, and even that's being generous. We are basically starting with bare bones. The offense has nothing outside of J.T. Realmuto and Brian Anderson (and who knows if Realmuto will even be back next year), our ace is currently Jose Urena and our farm system has little to no depth. Right now, Realmuto, Anderson, Caleb Smith and Trevor Richards are really the only guys on this roster I am even mildly excited about, and one of those guys might get traded and the other is coming off season-ending surgery. I guess Tayron Guerrero is cool because he throws hard, but that means nothing if he can't get the ball over the plate. As far as Lewis Brinson? I loved getting him back in the Yelich deal and I still have hope for him, but he had a historically bad season. He has A LOT of work to do. As for the Yelich deal itself? I understand it, as we had already dealt Stanton and Ozuna at the time and we actually got a pretty damn good return for Yelich. Did we have to do it? Well, no, because Yelich was only 26 and on a cheap deal, but at the same time, Jeter knew he needed to begin restocking the farm system and clearing money to begin the new regime. All in all, this is going to be a process, and likely a long, painful one at that, but we need to give Jeter a chance.
  4. The Braves losing in October? Let me contain my shock.
  5. I have two major problems with the bullpen thing: 1.) You are going to burn out your pitchers pretty damn fast. 2.) When you are using so many pitchers, someone is bound to be off. I am actually a pretty big analytics guy, but in this case, I don't care what the analytics say: sometimes, a pitcher just doesn't have it that night. When you run out a whole bunch of pitchers in one game, you are increasing your odds of that happening. I just don't think it's a good way to build your team.
  6. Also fun to see Hech make that fantastic play at third base. So happy to see Stanton, Hech and Yelich all getting to play in the playoffs. They deserve it after all of the crappy years here.
  7. Let's go Big G. Shut every Yankee fan up.
  8. Having a great bullpen to take over after the fifth inning is one thing. Specifically building a bullpen to go all nine innings is another. The Rays only did what they did this year because they had injuries and their starting pitching sucked outside of Blake Snell. "Bullpenning" is a very risky way to build a team. I'm okay with it in spot situations, but not for a full season.
  9. Great eye for talent, but as others have already said, he is pretty damn old. That being said, even if he is just here for a couple of years, he could help restock our farm system.
  10. He is worth it in a vacuum for sure, but the question is, are we going to be ready to seriously contend during that time? We badly need to restock our farm system, and he has a ton of trade value.
  11. Except he was clearly being facetious and anyone who has basic reading comprehension/understanding of sarcasm could clearly see that. Are you really doing this?
  12. Do we even want to extend Realmuto at this point? I mean, yeah, he's awesome, but he's a 27-year-old catcher (will be 28 by opening day) on a team that likely isn't going to be ready to contend in the near future. Might as well sell him off for a big return now.
  13. I think most of us would be happy if they just went back to the old uniforms. These current unis and the current color scheme are such garbage.
  14. Didn't Gary Sheffield actually say he wanted to play here later on his career? Of course, he wasn't close to the same player at that point, but I think he liked it in Miami a lot. EDIT: Went back and realized you were probably specifically talking about international FAs. Carry on.
  15. This Christian Yelich kid looks pretty good. We should trade for him.
  16. Damnit Silver. I told you not to build that freaking treehouse. Don't tell me: you built the secret Brewers treehouse too and that's why Lewis Brinson stunk for us this year.
  17. I think what people fail to understand is that the Marlins simply do not have the capital to build a winner just like that. We have had PLENTY of teams with a lot of talent, but because we have just never had the revenue, we haven't been able to get over the hump. Think about this for a second: up until last year, a legitimate argument can be made that we had a top five talent in all of baseball dating all the way back to the Miguel Cabrera years. First, Cabrera. Then, Hanley. Then, Stanton. We also had guys like Josh Johnson, Jose, Yelich, Ozuna, etc. sprinkled in. That's great, and if we had the kind of money the Yankees or Red Sox have, you better believe we probably would have built a winner. But we don't. The Marlins basically HAVE to get lucky in absolutely nailing drafts/international prospects/trades in order to win, i.e. the 2015 Royals or the Astros that we are currently watching. Heck, even the Yankees--as spendthrift as they are--have done a TREMENDOUS job of building their team through scouting, superb drafting and shrewd trading. Sans Big G, most of that team is homegrown. So, yeah. It's easy to say, "The Marlins had Stanton, Yelich and Ozuna and they let it all go!!!" but if you do, you're either not comprehending the specifics or you are actively choosing to ignore them to try and make a point. Hopefully, Jeter and Co. can start identifying talent and begin to stockpile it so we can build a winner for the long haul.
  18. The way Yankees fans have treated him this season is absolutely disgusting. Sanchez bats .180 and loafs around all season and doesn't hear a peep from the fans. Stanton leads the team in home runs and RBI and gets booed. Funny how that works.
  19. Lol. Stanton slashed .266/.343/.509 with 38 homers and 100 RBI and had a 7.5 UZR and 18.3 UZR/150, and you're saying he had a "subpar" year? What are we? Yankees fans? Hope he smashes a whole bunch of home runs this postseason just to shut everyone the hell up. Rooting hard for him.
  20. They might as well hold on to Harvey for now and see if he builds up any value before the trade deadline. It's not like they would get anything of significance for him at this point, anyway.
  21. For those saying this is a "good move" and that it "had to be done," think about this: the Marlins just traded arguably the most dominant hitter in the game for a salary dump. I'm one of the most optimistic people on this forum, but even I know this deal sucks. At least when the Marlins traded Cabrera and Willis, they got two blue-chip prospects (at the time) in Maybin and Miller back. I know that situation was a bit different due to money and all, but still, this is an awful, awful deal. As for the Yankees? They just landed one of the best players in baseball for virtually nothing and are going to add him into a lineup that made it to Game 7 of the ALCS last year and they didn't even have to trade a single one of their top prospects to get the deal done. Hats off to Brian Cashman. The dude is phenomenal. As long as Stanton stays healthy, the Yanks could end up winning a few World Series.
  22. My guess is Clint Frazier has to be included in this.
  23. It's kind of weird how there hasn't even been any speculation on what prospects would be coming back to the Marlins.
  24. I had some hope that Hech could be a .730 OPS kind of guy with stellar defense after his 2015 season, which actually would have made him one of the best shortstops in baseball. But, he was really bad (like, almost historically bad) offensively last year and he's already 28, so he probably isn't going to improve. I'd say this is a fine return for a dude who OPSed .594 last season.
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