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  1. Oh I know. That's why I responded in that manner. It's not that JT doesn't believe the Marlins are trying to build a winner; it's that he knows it's going to take a while and doesn't want to sit around and wait.
  2. Or maybe JT realizes that the Marlins likely won't be a legitimate contender for another four or five years and doesn't want to waste his prime years on a rebuilding team? You do realize that building a championship team takes time, right?
  3. I was listing good signings; not bad ones. Hard to say Buehrle and Reyes sucked because they actually produced in their lone seasons here. The team just sucked overall.
  4. Plus the fact that there is rarely much news about the Marlins, so anything that might be deemed slightly newsworthy gets reported.
  5. Well, we certainly had numerous successful signings on the 1997 team (Alou, Leiter, Brown, etc.). Other than those guys, this is what I can think of off the top my head: Ivan Rodriguez Carlos Delgado Jorge Cantu Luis Gonzalez Javier Vazquez Joe Borowski Cody Ross Wes Helms (first time) Of course, a lot of those guys were here for only one year... I will say, though, that this franchise has actually made a number of good trades over the years. A lot of the stars/solid players I thought of were acquired through trades. We just suck at free agency.
  6. Everyone knew Furcal was done at that point.
  7. Eh that was just a one-year deal for him to be a back-end-of-the-rotation starter (although he was certainly REALLY bad). I'll say Bell with John Buck being a close runner-up. It's not like we have a plethora of guys to choose from.
  8. Couple of things. First and foremost, I like Realmuto a lot. He is a really good player. However, he is not even in the same league as other star players we have dealt. Guys like Miguel Cabrera, Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich are franchise-changers. Realmuto, while very good, is not. Second, it would not cause "huge damage" to Jeter's attempt to build a sustainable winner if he a trades a guy who demanded a trade, and begging someone to stay is not how you run an organization. Third, by the time we are seriously ready to contend, Realmuto is going to be around 32-33 years old. That's pretty old for a catcher. You might as well trade him now and get some valuable pieces back who are going to be ready to contribute once this team is prepared to win. You cannot equate trading Realmuto to the deals for Cabrera, Stanton and Yelich. The Cabrera trade was flat out dumb and was probably the worst move in the history of the franchise (how they didn't buy out his arbitration years with an extension like they did with Hanley and others later on is beyond me). Stanton and Yelich were dealt to clear salary and it HURT. Realmuto is just not on the same level as those guys.
  9. I'm not sure it will bring his value down drastically. He is one of the best catchers in baseball at a very thin position. He will always have pretty significant value so long as a he maintains his current level of production (and I don't see why he wouldn't; he's been pretty consistent). I do agree that his value is at its peak right now, but I don't think the Marlins have to take any lowball offers just because of what his agent said.
  10. Well, not necessarily. He doesn't hit free agency until 2021, so we technically don't have to trade him right now. Dick move? Yeah, but I don't think it will affect things all that much. The Marlins can still be very patient.
  11. Yeah, and let's be honest: Realmuto is really good and all, but he's not Cabrera, Stanton or Yelich. He is a soon-to-be-28-year-old catcher who will likely be 32 or more by the time this team is ready to seriously contend. Trading him won't hurt that much. I'm perfectly fine moving him for a nice package.
  12. Not really. Miller became dominant in the bullpen. Eovaldi is merely a decent starter; not much different from what he was here. It's not like he would have made us any better.
  13. But here is the thing: Kershaw hasn't had that performance yet, and until he does (or IF he does), he is a choke artist. There is no way around it. He is one of the greatest regular-season pitchers ever, but in the playoffs, he is very ordinary. Coming into tonight, he had a 4.28 ERA over 29 playoff appearances and 23 starts.
  14. Clayton Kershaw personifies what being a choke artist actually means. I don't want to hear the "sample size" nonsense anymore. It's large enough to determine that he is not a good postseason pitcher.
  15. I mean, we are literally one year into the Jeter-Denbo reign. Shouldn't we give it at least three years (and preferably more) before we start to gauge how well or not well they are doing?
  16. But here is the question: if not for that incident in 2006, does Johnson have the same amount of arm trouble moving forward? Remember: it wasn't just 2007 (and like half of 2008). He also missed just about all of 2011 and then underwent a second Tommy John surgery later on in his career. Of course, there is also the possibility that Johnson simply had a weakness there, but it's hard to discount what happened in 2006 when recapping his career.
  17. Like I've always said: Billy Beane does it: "MONEYBALL!" (in spite of never winning crap) Marlins do it: "Firesale. Same old Marlins."
  18. Retired. Still say Girardi ruined his career. That dude was on his way to becoming the most dominant pitcher in baseball. A legitimate argument can be made that peak Josh Johnson was even better than peak Jose.
  19. What the hell does Cafardo know about what's going on within the Marlins organization? That's like Frisaro reporting on what Mookie Betts' favorite soup is.
  20. What's funny about it is I would be thrilled if Jeter turned the Marlins into the Yankees. We would be a perennial playoff contender with deep pockets and phenomenal scouting and talent evaluation. Like, do these writers really think they are being sly with these jokes?
  21. To be fair, I don't think any team not named the Houston Astros can win the World Series this year.
  22. Even then, I don't think they would be much worse, if worse at all. Some guys are bound to improve.
  23. Gonna be brutally honest here: does it really matter? We know this team is going to stink next season regardless and probably for the next two years, at least. All we should care about right now is accumulating talent. Wins and losses mean nothing to me at the moment. All of that being said, we probably won't be worse next year.
  24. He covered the Red Sox for The Boston Globe for quite some time. I will say, though, that when it comes to MLB analysts, Gammons has always been one of the best. I always enjoyed listening to him during his time with ESPN.
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