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  1. Wait...so we are criticizing the FO for signing someone to a bargain contract? Isn't that what front offices are supposed to do?
  2. They also extended Stanton and Yelich. I get that there has been a general precedent set, but let's wait to see what they do with this money before we start railing.
  3. I mean, they did spend money this past winter. It just didn't turn out all that well.
  4. My guess is that taking him back in the deal was simply a requirement for getting Latos. Wouldn't be surprised if they end up DFA'ing Morse.
  5. Probably Nick Johnson in 2009. EDIT: Yeah; I forgot about Lee, too.
  6. Their starting pitching depth is probably the best in baseball, but pull Scherzer off that team and they are struggling, a la Jose Fernandez. I mean, Jose and Alvarez are probably one of the better 1-2 punches in baseball when healthy. Not having them is a pretty huge thing.
  7. I used the Nats as my example because they are in our division, but you can do this with basically any other team. For example, imagine the Yankees without Tanaka and Pineda?
  8. Strasburg is horrendous (definitely not one of their top two starters and wouldn't be top two on the Marlins, either) and Harper has been healthy all season. The guy has played in 91 of their 97 games.
  9. Name me one team in baseball that can spend most of the season without its top two starters and still contend. Like, do you think the Nationals are in first place if Scherzer and Zimmermann were down and Harper was out for over a month?
  10. I don't agree with this. I mean, let's not act like injuries haven't been the most significant reason why this team has sucked this season. We have spent a decent portion without our top two starters and four-fifths of our rotation, and Stanton has been out for over a month. I'm not saying a healthy Marlins team would be leading the NL East or anything, but I think it's ridiculous to ignore the fact that we have had incredibly shitty luck for quite some time now. We would at least still be in contention had we not been wrecked by injuries.
  11. His BABIP is .239 and his K rate is nothing more than mediocre. He'll come down to earth.
  12. Not sure it would be wise to trade Ozuna now. His value has likely dipped significantly with the atrocious year he has been having. This is also a 24-year-old who is a year removed from being a 3.7 WAR player. I'd rather take the chance on him re-figuring it out than dumping him for some B or C-level prospects who might never even see the majors and probably won't even be as good as Ozuna if they do. As far as Morse goes, I'm not sure how much we would be able to cash in on a 33-year-old who is OPSing .592. We would probably even have to eat a good portion of his contract in a deal. As others have said, it seems it would be best to hold on to him and hope he gets his head out of his ass next season.
  13. Hard to believe this is the first time in six years that we have played the Yankees during the regular season. I still remember that series against them in 2009 pretty vividly.
  14. I would not deal Kolek for Chapman, either, and I don't even think the Marlins would consider that. As far as Papelbon, he is seven years older than Chapman and is making $26 million between this year and next year. Plus, he is kind of an asshat.
  15. ​Chapman is one of the most dominant relievers in baseball, and our farm system isn't even that good, anyway. What "assets" do we really have down there? If the Reds would be dumb enough to move Chapman for a few of our minor leaguers, you do it without thinking. This isn't some run-of-the-mill reliever we're talking about.
  16. ​Okay. So we should just shelve Fernandez because a couple of guys on an Internet forum feel like we have no shot of winning. Great way of conducting business. The fact of the matter is that we are within striking distance, and if Jose is healthy, there is absolutely no reason not to bring him back.
  17. ​I don't understand. Because you don't think we are winning anything year, we should shelve arguably the most dominant pitcher in baseball even if he is fully healthy? And I mean, despite a bevy of injuries, we are only six games back in a horrendous division with the All-Star break still a month away. It's silly to throw in the towel this early.
  18. ​The minor leagues are a cycle. Chances are, we are not going to have to wait three years before we have some nice arms in the system.
  19. Crazy that we are only six games back of first place in the loss column. Given that we had stretches of 3-11 and then 5-17 (I think?), I'll take that and run with it.
  20. Valid


    ​To be fair, he also showed significant improvement last year, and his numbers are finally starting to reflect his slick defense. While it's certainly early, I absolutely do not think it is out of the realm of possibility that he is developing into an All-Star caliber shortstop.
  21. McCullers does look good, but it's a very small sample size. He was solid (not great) in the minors and has pitched 24 innings in the majors so far. He looks great, sure, but I think we need to wait before saying he is better than Alvarez, who has already pitched two very good ML seasons. As far as McHugh goes, he turns 28 this month and has a lifetime 4.22 ERA and 3.74 FIP in 272.2 innings. He might turn into a decent back-end-of-the rotation starter, but are we even sure he is any more desirable than Cosart (who is three years younger)?
  22. ​I mean, a healthy Jose is better than anyone in their rotation, and unless I'm forgetting someone, a healthy Alvarez is better than any Astros starter not named Dallas Keuchel.
  23. I think it's a little early to think of mentioning Latos' name among our biggest busts. I mean, the dude has started five games.
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