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  1. Well it’s mute being that Chad is still in the game...
  2. That was a better at bat than we could’ve gotten with Wallach
  3. I would go sign Michael Brantley, Josh Harrison to platoon all over and split time with Berti, and with the rumors about Alfaro having no chemistry with our pitchers I would look at James McCann with Matt Weiters behind him and move on from Jorge. I would also add somebody cost efficient like Ken Giles to extend the pen.
  4. Too important of an at bat to swing at the second pitch unless it was center mass.
  5. Lots of speed but dang do we need to legit bats this offseason to be a playoff team again.
  6. Oh, now I understand playing Wallach over Alfaro. New to the board and haven’t heard those rumors.
  7. Yes it is true. This is the famous Z...from Canesinsight.


    Yea, I’m not really like that. Just wanted to use something that My fellow hurricane brethren would recognize.

  8. I think Jorge needs to go tomorrow. I understand expanding your bench by using him as a pinch hitter but we need our best offensive players tomorrow. Weight is going and we need to get on him early and eat that pen up to have a shot the rest of the series.
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