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  1. No, because he didn't say "Brought to you by ..." Brought to you by Carl's Jr.
  2. If he remains a good receiver and is at about a 85-90 wRC+ for three years while Joe Mack develops, he'd be absolutely fine.
  3. Don't need everyone to reach 200 innings. Just an example: If you get 180 innings from Rogers and Pablo (unless he's traded), and 140-160 from Cabrera and Sixto, you're good to go. Throw in a sixth starter (Thompson? Poteet? Meyer?) who reaches 120 innings, we're fine.
  4. Pretty sure you mean Alex. Either way. Yes, committing til the end of year, why not?
  5. Plus with our luck, he'd sign here and immediately be bad.
  6. We have more than enough starting pitching. Get bats.
  7. Glad they didn't wait til December.
  8. Both coming and going, really. Brought him in and he was huge in the second title. Traded away with Beckett and got us Hanley and Anibal.
  9. I believe, and could be wrong, that the Tigers offered Granderson and Verlander for Willis after 2005.
  10. There's only so much improving that's possible before you have to give the same performance every year. I mean I'm ok with going 173-0 every year, but ...
  11. I agree that he has to show something, but man is it difficult to do that when they keep moving you between Majors and Minors. Just keep him up the rest of the year, let him figure out some things and then it's time to let him rip in 2022.
  12. Another player going to Illinois. 😞
  13. I can confirm Das is not Ng. I can also confirm I am not Ng. Unsure on @SonOfJack.
  14. Hey if they do it, good for them.
  15. What assignment are they giving him?
  16. Ah, one of those "I played in college so I know more than you" types. Leave that shit at the login screen.
  17. Why do people think third base is so easy to just start playing? Lol. I remember people suggesting Ozuna play third on here for a couple years when we still had Marisnick. Alfaro has the best arm on the team, obviously, because he's been trained as a catcher. But is Anderson's that far behind? I don't think so. We've seen him in right field. He can sling it. Now how about reactions? That's more important than straight up athleticism. Reactions and range don't come quick. Anderson should have a much higher chance of sticking around than Alfaro at this point. Whether he should be extended is a different matter entirely, but Alfaro needs to be higher on the list to be shipped out.
  18. Nope. Can't hold on to a player with the hopes they develop trade value.
  19. I think I'd be fine having Alfaro as the backup catcher. If he's playing once a week rather than 4 to 7 times a week, he might be more bearable.
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