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  1. Even if they aren't, why would he sign with the Fish? He'd sign somewhere with a chance of winning. Unless we really overpay, which we won't.
  2. That would be terrible for low revenue teams. 6 years of control is fine. They do need to get rid of the control manipulation loop holes.
  3. What makes you think DLC is just a 4th OF?? He's been great so far. Defensively he is great. If he doesn't have enough power, he can play CF and be atop of the order bat. Jesus Sanchez is one of our top prospects and has been a little up and down, but overall he's played well. He's a 23 year old rookie. He will definitely get more consistent with more AB's. I would still try to go after Marte in the off season, but I just don't think it's as terrible a situation as you think. Sanchez and DLC are an upgrade over Dickerson and Duvall who were our starting corner OF this year.
  4. Better yet, why is Jazz not in the lineup? He must be hitting the ball too far lately. SMH
  5. You're that far in the future? Lol
  6. Can't blame Don on this one. He's on the roster as your long relief guy. Its not like Don brought him in late in the game. He shouldn't be on the roster at all. That's on NG and the FO.
  7. Only after we send him back to the Ray's.
  8. Yes, but it's been the lack of control that's been his downfall. He didn't have control issues in the minors.
  9. This just in....... Campbell still sucks!!!!!
  10. Assuming that Isan continues to hit like he has been lately, we really should move Jazz to short and let him and Isan be the middle infield combo for the rest of the season. Let's see if Jazz can stick at short and if Isan can finally live up to his prospect status. Miggy can be the super utility guy.
  11. Sweet Lou just missed the sweet spot. Got under it a little bit.
  12. Fucking Jazz is on fire!!! Man can he hit some bombs!!!
  13. I don't remember Garrett having control issues on the minors. This is fucking annoying. Throw strikes!!!!
  14. Actually, yes he was. Check the box score for how many AB's he had. Also, Sierra replaced him in CF. You'll see them both listed as CF in the box score.
  15. Let's not slwep on Isan either. He's been playing and hitting really well of late also.
  16. Quick, someone get Winkler some Spidertac before he kills one of our players.
  17. It is? Who else is out there other the a 34 year old Seager?
  18. If Brinson keeps this type of production up for the rest of the season, he would have earned a starting job next season. You don't wait for a player to develop only to discard him because he didn't develop fast enough. That said, they should still absolutely go all in on Marte next season. The other OF options aren't great and Castellanos is probably too rich for our blood. An OF of Sanchez, Marte and the New LB would give us a formidable OF. If Brinson regresses back to his old form, we can bring up one of Conine, Bleday or Encarnacion.
  19. Well, at least his hitting and defense have improved. Base running, not so much. LOL
  20. Isan has been hitting and also, he missed the bag. Unfortunately, there wasn't an angle that clearly showed he missed it so we got screwed.
  21. What does this mean? How is the US?
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