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  1. This is a poorly coached team.
  2. Does this happen as much to other teams? Honestly asking.
  3. What the fucking fuck??
  4. Holy hell Angel wow.
  5. Elected to what? Isn’t Biden doing ok?
  6. Unbelievable. He can’t be out unless Molina is blocking the plate which means he’s safe. MLB is a mess.
  7. That was a big bill. Let’s pray Jeter sees this.
  8. Apparently they aren’t anymore, they’re just pitchers.
  9. Dang I got excited thinking they replaced Todd permanently.
  10. That’s so weird when I first listened to that I thought it was just a guy recording himself over the video. Then I realized it was a broadcast team and was like who the fuck are these broadcasters? Then it hit me it was Rich and Tommy and my mind was blown. I guess the video is slowed down slightly and it doesn’t sound like them at all to me.
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