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Two Tuesday Impressions

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Damion Easley looked good at third base. Comfortable and confident and showed a strong, accurate arm. What a valuable pick-up for us.


Alex Gonzalez looked terrible at bat. He swings with one hand (his left). No authority in his swing. He looks totally over-matched. I really thought this would be a big year for the Gonzo. Sure doesn't show anything at bat yet. Also, he made a lazy, half-assed double-play turn that Choi wound up having to scoop.


p.s. Benitez. I think I like him better on radio than on TV. I don't want to see his big gut. I sense an arrogance in his showing up out-of-shape.

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I am a little worried about A Gon's lack of a bat too. Easely could play SS - but would not have nearly the glove Sea Bass has. But, this is spring training, and maybe Alex's timing is just off.


I also dont think Easely will make the club. I think it will be Harris, Mordecai, Nunez, and Banks. With Cordero, I think Banks is somewhat expendable and you could make the argument to bring Easely in there, but probably wont happen.


Choi is looking more comfortable at the plate and swinging with authority and attacking the ball. That first pitch home run is a good indication that he is locked in right now. This guy could be a very dangerous hitter at JRS.

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I dont see Banks making the squad over Easley



Easley gives the Marlins a serious right handed option as a PH and can play 2B/SS/3B. Mordecai is a better fielding option but doesnt carry the bat that Easley does. If any of those guys at those three positions goes down to injury Easley is much better replacement than Mordecai


With Cordero on the team, who can play both 1B and the OF, what would be the advantage to keeping Banks?


I like Banks, but positionally, it doesnt make any sense to keep him around.

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Ever since I learned that Benitez was acquired, my gut feeling has been, as still is, that this guy will not contribute anything to this team.


Alex Gonzalez is an infield wizard and not a slugger. Do not worry about him.


I say keep Easley and Cordero; and bid Banks a farewell.


I think Choi is going to be something special folks. I suspect that we all will be saying, "Lee who?" by the All Star break. The man can play.


Also, if you think last year's squad was special, and they truly were, wait until the 2004 Marlins play ball for real. You have to be excited folks.


You can bet I am!


:arms :brigginbounce :cheers :jump :marlins

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