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Hitting in MVP Baseball...


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Anyone have any advice? Man, I go from being allright to downright terrible. I'm doing a dynasty with the Marlins and have one homerun to my credit. I just can't seem to get quality hits...




Also, supposedly there's a glitch and most right handed hitters it's darn near impossible to hit a homerun with.

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Not really that hard to hit homeruns with power guys.


I started a dynasty with the Orioles and Lopez has 15 homers and Tejada has 12 homers in 15 games.


Just make sure your patient and wait for your pitch, also time it well and point the joystick up for power. Also as you progress you notice how pitchers pitch to certain hitters like if they give you a strike in the first pitch or a ball etc.

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Play 4 or 5 exhibition games on Rookie and you'll get the hang of it. When in doubt, have the stick on the right aimed at the batter's hot zone and just time the pitch in.


Also, use some common sense. Two inside pitches in a row might mean the next pitch would be outside. Enough practice and you'll pick up on it :)

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Wily mo is the Franchise!

I don't know how much real players improve though. I did a dynasty with Pittsburgh, simulating most of the time and jumping into crucial situations and Jason Bay only went up 2 points in everything when he hit .320 with 28 home runs. I think he might be a little older than most prospects though. Does anyone know if guys like Wily Mo improve a lot?

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