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The Man with the Corny Signs

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I'm sure anyone who has been to a Marlins game this year has seen the man behind the away dugout who has the signs. I think most of them are awful and corny, but its good to see him show support.


Here are some examples:


After ever Strikeout he raises a sign that says K-MAN


After every good thing to happen he raises a sign that says MARLIN-OUS.


He also has signs that say SPEED KILLS, MIKE STRIKES, and WE NEED STADIUM.


I hate seeing this guy walk up and down the aisles after every little thing with these mediocre signs. Anyone have any opinions of him?

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He also has one that says MARLIN COUNTRY.


Most of his signs are corny, but at least they're not NY-style obnoxious and they show support for the team.

They're so corny, all I think is why did this guy make this sign? If he has something clever :thumbup , but I hate reading Mike Strikes and Marlin-ous.

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How can u forget "Marlin Country"?????? *lol* :lol


THat's not fair, i put my JP sign up like during the whole game for 3 games and not once have i been on tv or the jumbo screen. lol. And this guy gets all of his signs up... lol.


I don't have a problem with it, yea its kind of corny, but hey he's a Marlin supporter.

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I've been trying to come up with a good idea for a sign for when the Marlins come up here to play the Mets. Something like the Padilla Plantilla, but referring to the Marlins.

Me, my bro, and Primetime did this on at the April 10 game, we held up a sign saying Pierre's Posse and I caught a ball from him.


I agree with everyone though, all of this guys signs are corny but atleast there for the Marlins and not other teams, I get so mad when I see signs for other teams.

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