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Best Baseball Parks in American history


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Based on the contents of a piece of paper I pulled out of my ass 20 minutes ago


1. Wrigley Field

2. SBC Bell Bondsium

3. The Polo Grounds

4. The Aloha Bowl

5. That field on King Boulevard in Chicago, you know the one, you take a left off the Dan Ryan, and then a right, no....go 12 blocks and then a right. You'll see a guy with long black zippered pants, that's my man Elroy. Tell him you're with me, and he'll help you from there.

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Guest Moneyball

i liked the scoreboard in LF in forbes field.



cool note: a friend of mines has gone to yankee stadium, ebbets field, the polo grounds, shea, wrigley, comiskey and fenway.

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Guest Juanky

1) Fenway

2) Yankee

3) Wrigley

4) Polo Grounds

5) Candlestick

6) Tiger Stadium

7) Forbes

8) Fulton County

9) Astrodome

10a) Ebbets Field

10b) Old Comiskey


Some of those are close and stuff. I have to put Fenway at the top because not only does it have plenty of history but it has the most recognizable stadium feature in all of sports all over the world. The Green Monster is practically one of the seven wonders of the world. Yankee gets a nod at #2 because it is The Baseball Museum. Wrigley hits #3 because of all the famous kinks to the stadium (rooftop watching, Ivy walls, etc) and because of the history (albeit negative).

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Guest Juanky

I'll take your word for it on Forbes.


I, although I might be alone in this opinion, personally liked the Astrodome. I usually despise domed stadiums, but the Astrodome was an exception IMO.

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LOL wow... look at this.


Huntington Ave. Grounds in Boston


Dimensions: Left field: 350 ft.; left center: 440 ft.; center field: 530 ft. (1901), 635 ft. (1908); right field: 280 ft. (1901), 320 ft. (1908); backstop: 60 ft.



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