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Hey guys, my name is Brodie and I just discovered this site! I'm from the Quad Cities on the Iowa side (I'm guessing no one knows where that is)... I am the Marlin Fan representative for the local paper (Quad Cities Times). The last time I was in Florida was for the Outback Bowl.. but I don't want to get on anyone's bad side, so I'll just leave that subject alone.... ;)


I've been a Marlin Fan ever since Andre "The Hawk" Dawson went there. He was my favorite athlete growing and I followed him to the Marlins... I've been a fan ever since!


I live in a Chicago Cubs city and when the Marlins came back to beat them, it was pretty sweet to say the least.


Well, just wanted to say hi and I plan on being a frequent visitor to this site.


Go Fish!

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yep, i subscribe to MLB.TV


The Swing of the Quad Cities is the stupidest name in the history of stupid names.. We used to be known as the Quad City River Bandits and had a cool logo. Now the logo is some stupid Saxamaphone... I guess they named it that because the QC has Jazz tradition or something. They also changed 1st Avenue to "The Avenue of the Cities..." Ridiculous.....


i couldnt find a real picture of the new stadium but here is a drawing.. its really nice for a minor league park and ditracts from the stupid name.

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Moline, Rock Island, Davenport or Bettendorf?


What do you do as 'Marlins Fan representive' for the QC Times?



Every team has a Fan rep in the QC Area and they write in to the paper when asked to offer opinions on how their team is doing and other stuff.. Just last week they asked opinions about interleague play and I said I like it because we get to play the D-Rays 6 times!

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What up Hawkeye, I'm a student at THE Ohio State University. I dig the Marlins, but they'll always be number two to my beloved Cincinnati Reds. The same goes for Bukceyes to the Bengals (Bengals>Buckeyes).


But, I digress, welcome to the board. I believe SexyGurl has a pic she wants to show you... :shifty

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