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i dont exactly pull off stunts...i'm not creative enough.


College aint college without streaking. Done that...twice...got caught by Po-Po once...had to do community service.


Um, stuck a mortar in a blowup doll's "money-hole", and blew it up in broad daylight whilst parents were helping their kids move out.


Lit off a bunch of fireworks at the doorstep of the Furman Police station.


None are creative, but it was fun.

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Well didn't really do anything too exciting this year, one I can remember is one day when it snowed like 5 or 6 inches we made a snow wall leaning against our friend's door(our rooms were like motels where the door is not on a hall way but leads to the outside). Somehow she didn't hear us doing all of this and when she opens her door all the snow falls into her room

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We urinated in the sinks of the girls bathroom at a Penn Dorm and had a girl walk in on us


as far as actual pranks not as many ... had quite a few wild nights though, trips to AC, living in London


some messing with friends


all in all good times

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if you told someone to go shank a guy they wouldn't go and pull their pants down


it would be you asking them to stab the guy




kind of like in MN they refer to jungle juice as a "wop" ... this is potentially dangerous .. if you go into a party in philly, NJ or NY and and ask "where's the wop, i need a drink" things aren't going to end very well for you

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