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Who did you guys get pics with?


I am gonna list people as I remember them....




















I am probably missing people but oh well.


Funny thing: A nice lady kept offering to take pics for us. When Willingham got to us, she said, "Oh I'll take this one for you." She told us she was his Mom! We were like :o . :lol


It was so worth it. I can't wait for next year's Photo Day!



I had a blast with Manzy & Armando. Manzy was having a blast with the fans.

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Guest marlins02

if it was like when i went they gave you some badge or something and all the fans lined up along the warning track and the players would come out and you would take pictures with them (using your camera). its suppose to be strictly photos but you'll get some sigs as well.

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Guest marlins02

i got there at 1:00 or sumthng like that and i didnt have a camera i completely forgot i was more worried about the hat...its a nice hat and im gald i didnt have to pay $20 for it




a couple of years ago i took a camera but went by myself so i had to keep bugging people to help me out.


about the hat i paid my twenty something dollars :confused ... now only if i had known about this promotion 9-10 months ago.


who the f*** am i kidding? i still woulda bought it.


didnt hesitate buying the pennant merchandise either.


only thing i couldnt get though was the NL wild card hat.

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Here is how it was organized.....


We lined up at Gate B and they opened the gate at 12:30. They took us to the field and we lined up along the warning track against some barricades. They players came in different groups and they went around to take pics and greet the fans. They were not allowed to sign any autographs though.


Everything was very well organized. There was no problem whatsoever, at least from what I saw.

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