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Howard Stern show going to WQAM


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shouldn't this be in entertainment?



yeah i guess you're right, sorry, just make pretend the topic says, Howard and Goldie show off QAM morning slot. that would make it sports related and everything would be chipper and swell :thumbup

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Here is how it will go with WQAM.


Name will change from Sportsradio 560 WQAM to 560 WQAM.

Only evenings and weekends will be sports. Expect Mandich and possibly Goldberg's shows to be gone if they can't rate well in the next book. Mornings and Early Afternoon will be talk.


WQAM LINEUP (right now)

Howard Stern

Neil Rogers

Jim Manditch

Hank Goldberg

Play-By-Play/Big O

Eddie Kaplan


Sporting News Radio on weekends along with local shows and play-by-play.

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hank just announced this


happy to have Howard back on the south florida airwaves. i guess this makes QAM less of a sports station. i'll be tuning in at 6 every morning that's for sure, (and tuning out at 10, i can't stand Neil or Jorge)


he already is back in palm beach on the buzz.

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Stern is not funny in the least bit. 1) I can only handle those New York accents for so long...2) It's not worth a damn if you can't see the people (i.e. hot women)....3) He isn't clever, he isn't witty, he isn't quick, he just brings in people to do stupid things for ratings, because he can't do it with his own brain.


Monsters of the Morning pwn

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his show does have some long ass commercial breaks, but then again, it seems like he's on like 30 minutes straight alot of times without a commercial break. so it's like a long commercial, then a long part of his show. better then coming back for 5 minutes then back to commercial (like alot of shows). i wouldn't say he's a great comedian, but his show is funny as hell. you guys have never heard Beetlejuice? Crazy Alice? Elliot Offmen? Gary and Wendy the Retards? the only thing i'm dissapointed in is i was hoping he'd be on an FM station (better reception)

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