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Chad Fox might return for the stretch run


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I dont know if this was posted but it sure is interesting:

Fox has already lost three months. Right elbow inflammation sent him to the disabled list and Fox has yet to resume a throwing program.


"There are a lot of positives," Fox said. "The tingling and the numbness, all those things have subsided. I haven't done anything to test it."


Fox said the next step is to contact orthopedic surgeon James Andrews and seek clearance to begin throwing. He would like to rehab aggressively and salvage as much of the final two months as possible.


"I miss it bad," said Fox, who has spent the last few months at home in Texas. "It's getting harder and harder as the season gets later."





Sounds like Fox is zeroing in on returning this year. Imagine if we have Spooneybarger and Fox come back for the last month of the season. We would go from having a good bullpen to a great bullpen.

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We won without a bullpen last year.





Only reason the Marlins started winning down the stretch because of the additions of Fox and Urbina to the bullpen.







That was for two months. 32-22 with them.

And I'm sure I'm going to catch sh*t for this because supposedly everyone batted 1.000 last year and no pitcher ever gave up a lead, but Looper and Urbina was shaky as hell down the stretch. And that's not even going into what those three did in the postseason. Ask Josh Beckett and the rest of the starters what the bullpen did to win in October.

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