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youve got a keylogging program...i used to use one when i wanted to see what a cousin of mine was doing on the computer.


its a mobile keylogger. to send other peeps to see there activity on there computers. to steal passwords, find out there personal info. stuff like that...but those days are over............... :p

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Must have taken them quite a few games to find a packed house for that Sox Park picture....


First of all there is no venue called "sox park"...


Second -- Compare the attendance at USCF to Pro Player... there's not much room to talk around here...


USCF only holds about 40K -- The attendance for the game shown was 34,719 -- They've drawn more than that in 8 of the 49 games this season. -- Take a look at the figures after early june (about game 29)


White Sox 2004 attendance figures --


Once school gets out, and the weather heats up, the fans are out every game... The weather is the only thing that really keeps fans away -- Crappy weather = low attendance. The last 8 games the Sox have averaged 34,000+ fans per game.... Those are not vs. prime teams either. Twins, Tigers, Mariners -- Those aren't big draws like the Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox.

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