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Another Piece for the Super Bowl Champs

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

I know all you NFC fans fear us already but with Hugh Douglas returning to the system that made him a force to be reckoned with, it's just getting ridiculous....you guys have no shot.....16-0 baby.

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The Eagles are the most overrated team in the NFL, PERIOD.


I'd be surprised if Philly went 11-5 and even more surprised if they won the NFC East.


Why you ask?


Philly lost 2 All Pro Corners to Free Agency and replaced them with their Nickel & Dime d-backs. Do I need to take the Eagles fans back to the game where Favre torched Philly twice on the long ball to Ferguson? Or how about Delhomme makin 'em look silly?


Favre, Culpepper, Testaverde, Manning, all of 'em slated to play the Eagles are just foamin at the mouth because they'll pad their stats against the Eagles inferior CB's.


Not to mention the fact that the Eagles lost an All Pro player and their Defensive MVP from last year in Carlos Emmons and replaced him with a good, but still not-as-good-as-Emmons, Dhani Jones.


Lest we forget, the Eagles lose Kalu for the season and replace him with a washed up Hugh Douglas who couldn't get more then 3 1/2 sacks when he was on the same line as Marcus Stroud and John Henderson!


Javon Kearse was a good signing, if he's healthy.


As far as WR goes, TO was a good move, even though he is 30 now he's still one of the best. But wait, who's that other guy lined up across from TO? Oh yeah, Todd Pinkston! The guy who couldn't be a #4 WR on any other team, but since he plays for the Eagles who have no WR besides TO, can start.


And last, but most certainly not least, RB, Westbrook is a stud, lets make that clear, but after that losing Staley in Free Agency and not replacing him, and then losing Buckhalter for the year and replacing him with another washup in Dorsey Levens. Not good.


Philly is much worse this year then they were last year and will be by and far the most disappointing team.


I wouldn't be surprised if Philly didn't even make the Playoffs. But I think they'll get in as a Wild Card.

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