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This thread has been retired and replaced wth this thread...


...Thank You for all your efforts. This offseason is the time where we can be most effective in getting our team on TV/Radio more often.


"I have a dream, ladies and gentlemen. I want to improve the availability of Marlins' telecasts around the State of Florida to die hard fish fans. I have the dream, but I need you support. Please send emails to the following addresses to help. Thank You, and if anyone wants to share in the dream, please post the cable company or local channel you would like to target and we will bring it to light. We must not let this injustice continue."


*****Another Update...

An update on the Campaign, we have been able to get Bright House Networks to consider adding FSN Florida. the main issue between them is FSN wants to be on regular cable, but Bright House wants them to be on a seperate Sports Tier on digital cable. Money is also a factor, Bright House doesn't want to increase the rates by $1 a month to add FSN for every one of their subscribers! What an outrage! Keep on sending the e-mails!


Update on FSN carriage...


COX Cable in Ocala, Gainesville, and the Panhandle have picked up Fox Sports Net Florida. Keep the emails coming!

The Panhandle has the marlins and I don't? :banghead :banghead :banghead :boo-woo :toilet This is why we need to continue the emails. Bright House Networks of Central Florida is the only major cable company in the state who has not picked up Fox Sports Net Florida (that we know of, if your cable company doesn't carry Fox Sports Net Florida and you live in the state of Florida please post a message telling us who the company is so we can email them too. You don't need to find an email for them, just tell us who they are, and I will find the email and add it to the list.)


WTVK-TV 46 Fort MYers, FL Email (Ask them to join the Marlins Television Network)



Bright House Networks of Central Florida (Ask them to carry Fox Sports Net)



WOPX-TV PAX 56 Orlando (Ask them to join the Marlins Television Network)



Once again, THANK YOU :marlins :tv_happy

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Guest markotsay7

Cape -


I spend a lot of time in Delray Beach and just to let you know, CSPAN-2 carries the Marlins games (commercial-free, I might add, since it's CSPAN) that are normally televised on PAX up here. I don't know if it's the same in Ft. Meyers but maybe check that out. If CS2 by you doesn't carry the PAX games, you might want to contact CSPAN and mention that you know it is carried in Delray, and want to know if they could do the same in Ft. Meyers.

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Thats good i Live down here because with out Marlins on TV it woud be boring! You people cant see any more baseball games??

Nope, I don't get any marlins games here unless they play the d-rays or braves. I got to watch them over the weekend cuz they played the d-rays. It was like christmas. lol

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Just to point out a fact..... MLB is in exclusive control of broadcast rights to out-of-market broadcasts (anything outside SOFla). They will not allow free broadcast out of market, they've got a satellite deal for that.


MLB's answer to your campaign is go buy MLB Extra Innings or the FoxSports Countrywide package (of which they both have interest in) f you live outside SoFla and wanna watch the Fish.


Hammering local affiliates won't so much, they'll tell you the same thing.

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Fish Fillet, the Marlins are willing to sell the package out here (I called them and they said they could), but every station has already bought their sports programming for this year and cannot preempt any more time. We need to continue the campaign so that next year, they will pick up the Fish. Ms. Newhouse told me this along with the team. (FYI:WTVK carried the Marlins from 1993-1998, when WAMI came the moved to a now defunct station out here and no one has been pressure to pick it up since)

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